How We Formed America In five parts

Christoper Columbus was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean. He landed in the Bahamas. While he was on the trip he had a thought that could not be answered for a long time it was "Is the world round or flat". Later on the trip he was surprise to find out the that there were people living there before he got there Indians were there. This is important because he was the one to find the land we are living on.

The Revolutionary War started in 1775 at Lexington and Concord. It was the "shot heard around the world" said many. This shot started a brutal and blood soaked battle. In some battles like Trenton made the Americans feel like there own country. Later in the war at Yorktown the British surrendered because the British was fighting basically two wars at once with France and America. This was important because ewe where finally free from England. here is a video about this major war.

This is what the battles of the war looks like

The next event that happened was the Declaration of Independence. Here is a video about the Document. The Declaration of Independence was singed in 1776 basically saying that america was free. A new country. But the war did not end it went on for 7 more years. After the war we singed the Treaty of Pairs witch meant finally were finally a new country.

This is what the top of the Declaration looks like.

This is Thomas Jefferson. He was the one that wrote the Declaration of Independence.

These are some names of people that singed the Declaration of Independence.

Another event is when we had the first President. George Washington. I chose this event because when he was elected It meant that we were officially our own country with our own government not a king a leader not England's government .

Lastly the Louisiana purchase. Two men in 1803 James Monroe & Robert Livingston went to France to buy New Orleans and west Florida for $10,000,000. Napoleon said he would give them this Louisiana territory for $15,000,000. We said yes and bought Louisiana. Later we found out that the Louisiana doubled our country's size.

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