Alexander the Great By Ellie Julen


Alexander the Great was a leader born in Macedonia. He was made ruler at age 20 and was said to be the greatest there ever was. However, he was also said to be the worst. Alexander conquered many different regions in his time of ruling, but lost a lot of life's because of it. So, the question is, is Alexander really great? Many people have different theory's, but either way he accomplished much at a young age.

Alexander's Childhood

Alexander the Great was born in 356 B.C. in Macedonia. He was born to Phillip and a Macedonian woman, who wasn't pure Greek. So Alexander was a heir, but he was only half Greek. At the age of 13, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. Aristotle was a student of Plato, and his work has provided us the scientific method. Because Alexander studied under Aristotle, he learned many important values of a leader like science, language, astronomy and more. Alexander then became king at the age of 20.

Alexander's Ruling

Alexander became the ruler of his empire at the young age of 20. Because he was so young, many believed they could test his power. The city of Thebes rebelled after Alexander was put into power. Alexander showed no mercy, and completely destroyed the city state. He killed everyone, and whoever survived was sold into slavery. At this point, the empire realized Alexander wasn't messing around. In 334 B.C. Alexander and his army conquered Persia. He then fights into Egypt and is declared Pharaoh. He captures Babylon, Susa, and doesn't stop there. He then conquers the Indus Valley.

The End of An Era

After Alexander and his troops conquered the Indus Valley and the rest of the Empire, Alexander wasn't done. After fighting for 11 years, he wasn't ready to stop all he had accomplished. As he took his troops from kingdom to kingdom, and taking over everything in his name, he wasn't ready to give that up. However, his troops were. They refused to continue fighting, as they were worn out from 11 years of hard work. They wanted to go home to Babylon and be with their family. Reluctantly, Alexander left.

Alexander's Death

As Alexander returned home, he passed away. He died in 323 B.C. as he returned home from war. Alexander's plan was to let his troops come home, recharge, get more training in, and be ready to conquer the world again. Unfortunately, those plans didn't work out. After Alexander's death, most of his empire fell. For an unknown reason, he failed to name an heir. As a result of this, most of his hard work fell. After Alexander's ruling, Greece entered their Hellenistic Period.


Alexander the Great accomplished many things in his life, at a very young age. He was a ruthless leader, and took over many kingdoms, as well as destroying some. Although Alexander did some ruthless tings, I still think he should be perceived as great. He managed to conquer city after city. I think his ways were horrid, but he still managed to be a leader and keep people's respect. So, is Alexander the Great really great? As a person, maybe not. But as a leader, I would defiantly agree that he is indeed great.

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