Jordan, Asia Ian Shaw

Jordan is in Asia, and the eastern/northern hemispheres.

Jordan's bordering countries are: Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq

Jordan's Capitol is Amman at (31°N, 36° E)

Jordan is between the Arctic circle and the Tropic of Cancer, so is in the temperate zone.

The Dead Sea is the nearest sea to Jordan. (Because of the high saline content, people who bathe in the water are very boyent.)
Jordan's population is 7.9 million people, which is pretty small. It ranks 101 in the world.
Jordan's population density is 85.5 per sq. km. It is rank 113 in the world.
Jordan's growth rate is 2.4%, which is fairly high. the fertility rate is 3.42 children per woman.
The five largest cities in Jordan go:1) Amman 2) Zarqa 3) Irbid 4) Russeifa 5) Al-Quwaysimah
Jordan is much more urban than rural, with only 16% (approx) being rural.
The net migration rate for Jordan is 6.51, which means more people are entering Jordan than leaving.

My country is a developing country for one main reason. Even if it met all other criteria to be a developed country, which it doesn't, This prevents Jordan from being a developed country. The GDP per capita. As of 2015, the GDP per capita in Jordan is 4,960 (approx) US$, less than half the required amount of (approx) $10,000.

The main language of Jordan is Arabic, And main religion is Muslim.

Petra is unlike anything I've ever heard of. It is a large city carved into the rock, and is beautiful.
Mansaf is the traditional holiday food, usually served with tea or coffee. it consists of lamb cooked in yogurt- yes, yogurt, over rice and flat bread.

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