Holden's Playlist Created by Alyssa Yates

What's Up?

4 Non Blondes

In the song, lead singer, Linda Perry, is on the search for the "great big hill of hope," just as Holden is trying to find where he is meant to be. This song is all about the struggle of finding what is real, and what is right in life. Holden is struggling with the similar issues of trying to find identity, listening to this song would help him feel as if he wasn't alone in this world, that other people struggle with the same issues.


The Beatles

This song is all about turning the negative into positives, just as Holden needed to do when times got tough. The ability to be able to find light in poor situations can determine one's true happiness. "Blackbird" is a calming, yet motivating, song that could help Holden keep his head up in hard times.

We Are Nowhere and It's Now

Bright Eyes

This song reminds me of Holden because of all the legitimate questions that are asked, just as Holden questions all the "phonies" around him. Also the words "we are nowhere and it's now," could mean a lot to him because he doesn't quite no where he is in life but he knows he is living as well as he can be. Holden would listen to this song because, again, it is calming with words that can relate to his life, his struggles, and his goals.

Welcome to My Life

Simple Plan

This upbeat song is one Holden would love in the fact that it relates to just about all of his struggles. Feeling "out of place," that "you don't belong," and "no one understands you." Holden can benefit from this song by motivating him to keep going, because life isn't always easy, but it is worth it, and people do understand.


The Jam

This 1980 classic almost speaks the words right out of Holden's mouth. The first few lyrics say;

"It's not important for you to know my name -

Nor I to know yours

If we communicate for two minutes only,

It will be enough"

There have been a few times where Holden has given someone his wrong name, although is not concerned because he knows he may never meet that person again. He doesn't mind his first impressions, he just wants to has fun with it then walk away--at the end of the day, what he says doesn't mean much, but as the song says;

"It doesn't matter if we never meet again,

What we have said will always remain."

Catch & Release

Matt Simons

Holden would enjoy this song because the beat is uplifting, and the lyrics encourage the idea that loneliness "is a necessary thing." The song talks about a place he goes to, "where no one knows" him, just like Holden went to New York to settle, and clarify, his mind, and have time to himself to sink it all in.

Trustful Hands

The Dø

With the lyrics "chaos is my second home," I feel as if Holden could relate to this very easily. He lives a life that is never dull, weather it be getting kicked out of school, getting in a fight, or running away to the Big City, his life is full of action and overcoming one thing at a time.

Sun is Shining

Axwell /\ Ingrosso

This energetic song is one to bring a smile to anyone's face, especially Holden's. When times get tough, this song is a friendly reminder that everything will be alright. As the chorus goes;

"And you came my way on a winters day

Shouted loudly come out and play

Can't you tell I got news for you

Sun is shining and so are you"

this song could be played on Holden's trip to New York, as the city is shedding a new light onto Holden as he starts a new life outside of Pencey.

Tones of Home

Blind Melon

The first words of this song, again, directly relate to Holden's life. As it starts;

"What do you think they would say

If I stood up and I walked away

Nobody here really understand me

and so I'll wave goodbye I'm fine, I'm fine

Tones of home

said you don't like the way I'm living

you don't like me

Tones of home, tones of home

And so I'll wave goodbye."

Holden could have listened to this after yelling, "sleep tight, ya morons!" The song relates to the fact that no one in that place really knew him, and some didn't like him, and he was okay with that. He took off, without saying goodbye to anyone, and was happy about that decision.

Let's Be Still

The Head and the Heart

Holden would enjoy this song because it is very calming and could help him find closure in his brother's passing. The song speaks of how the world continues to spin, no matter your fears or faults, and asks to be still "just for a moment." I believe this helps represent Holden's situation as he needs to take a moment to be still and work through all the things he has not dealt with after the death of his brother.

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