Power Jamie ho

Women in Saudi Arabia have less rights than men and are seen as below men. Men have more power.
Women's rights march for equality and to ensure women's rights are kept.
People have the power to protest for rights and against police brutality
Men have more power and get paid more than women
Apple has lots of power and people will wait in line for days for an iPhone
Rapper J. Cole has rapped about many societal issues and has the power to influence his fans.
Mulan wasn't allowed to fight because she was a women but became one the best in the army.
Sometimes women aren't shown respect in business just because their gender
Represents how corporate companies have so much power that people will buy a brick for 1000$ just because it has a logo on it
Feminist power
Corporate companies have more power and can influence
In some relationships one has power and can be abusive
Teachers have power to teach students and inspire
Bosses may abuse their power


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