Wolf Leon

Wolf is dog too and eat meat and dog food and baby wolf eat mom s milk and they are mammals and they are warm blooded and they had back bone. They eat anything

They use eyes to talk and they live in gass land and live in forest

They can ran 55mp and 2 meters long and 65-135 lbs

They had ears and 4 legs and 2 yellow eyes teeth and tail and big and they are Smart


Created with images by daverooneyca - "Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre - March 2011 - 052" • Becker1999 - "wolves" • Serge Melki - "Wolf Park Indiana" • MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) - "MARUYAMA Zoo - Wolf." • tpsdave - "wolf canis lupus yellowstone national park"

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