Fangirl Rainbow Rowell

The overall setting in Fan Girl is at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Nebraska. The University makes me feel like there are new beginnings. I also imagine it to have many buildings and many students walking around, ready for the new school year.

The specific location is in Cath's dorm room. Cath shares a room with her roommate, Reagan. Their room is very small and has two desks, two beds with fan art and posters decorating the walls.

The novels takes place in the beginning of the fall semester, in the year 2011. I imagine it to be a lot like present day and also a lot like right now.

The book takes place in Nebraska. I imagine the land to be very flat and spacious.

I also imagine the weather to be very weird and spontaneous

The population is very crowded. The school year has just begun and many newcomers and students are exited to meet new people. I imagine the people to be friendly and welcoming. In addition, I feel like there is a new and fresh vibe around the campus.

The story takes place in modern day Nebraska. Things that time stamp the story are laptops. Laptops were created in modern day and are widely used now. Other things that time stamp the book are IPhones. I phones did not exist back then and are common nowadays.

The atmosphere I feel from the University bright and cheerful. But the atmosphere i feel from Cath is confining, lonely and sad.

The setting affects the story by causing Cath to feels lonely. Cath is more of an introvert. The small dorm room gives Cath a place to hide and stay away from people. It also makes Cath feel confined and trapped.


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