Where to find wallet-friendly prom dresses

Many girls know the struggle of endlessly browsing websites for the perfect prom dress, just to find it to be out of budget. This prom season, find the perfect dresses at prices that are student-friendly.

From left to right, $84, $92 and $60. Dresses are from Lulus.

The online fashion site Lulus offers affordable dresses for all occasions. From sundresses to bridal gowns, Lulus provides trendy outfits and every accessory to go with it. Additionally, the site often has sales, providing the perfect opportunity for students to shop for both prom and graduation outfits.

From left to right, $48, $28 and $38. Dresses are from Forever 21.

Classic and affordable, Forever 21 is the place to go for prom dresses that won't let you down. The bargain prices and modern styles are the perfect combination for the perfect outfit. With a diverse range of sizes and colors, Forever 21 is definitely a wallet-friendly place to shop for dresses this prom season.

From left to right, $45, $32 and $32. Dresses are from Pretty Little Thing.

An international site, Pretty Little Thing offers dresses in a wide variety of lengths and styles to match a girl's wishes. If that isn't enough, this shop offers all students a 40 percent discount making the perfect outfit finally affordable.

From left to right, $90, $65 and $70. Dresses are from Nordstrom Rack.

At Nordstrom Rack, an amazing sale is always right around the corner. With items up to 77 percent off, this is a great place to start searching for dresses. Many of their dresses also come in a collection of colors to match the exact look you're going for. Plus, if you're looking for shoes and other accessories for prom night, Nordstrom Rack carries it all making shopping stressless and stylish.

From left to right, $98, $96 and $50. Dresses are from Unique Prom.

Often overlooked, the store Unique Prom offers a full selection of dresses for many events. The site allows you to sort through dresses by size, color, length and other factors making your search slightly easier. Many dresses also come in all sorts of designs from wider styles to different kinds of straps.

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