Revolutions in Technology By Michaela Miller

Past: The Industrial Revolution


The need for food was increasing. Many needed a solution so they could create products faster. The ideas of new creations helped to spur the Industrial Revolution.
Competition between nations and their constant need to be more powerful and richer than their competitors brought forth the foundation for the Industrial Revolution.
Financial innovations by selling stock and large markets swept through many nations and gave the ability for inventing. 


Canals were man-made and allowed ships to transport goods and people to locations that were far from shipping ports.
The steam train which was powered by water and heat from burning coal. These factors produce steam which caused the world to turn. This invention could transport supplies quickly.
The spinning Jenny cut down on the amount of work it took to produce yarn. That one person create multiple spools at once.

Negative and positive effects on society

Faster production of food products meant more food and healthier people.
Higher demand for goods increased productions which increased wealth among the people.
With helping people and more money death that were common amongst early ages became more obsolete.
Child labor became very common amongst the new factories and went unnoticed.
Factories and mills cause a huge danger to people working in them due to the pollution they created.
Job loss impacted many families as the more machines that were created the less amount of people were needed to work them.

present: the digital revolution


Many important corporations began advertising new inventions for people to take interest in them as well.
During the time of the Digital revolution the internet was just created as well as launch of the first phone. These inventions fulfilled the needs of society and brought forth the technological revolution.
The transistor was put into use by the military and it led to the creation of the world wide web shortly after in the 1980s the computer came about and was used in the workplace. By the 2000's cell phones and Internet were a large part of every day life which allowed the digital revolution spread.
Social media allowed fast mode of communication that brought everyone into a digital mindset.
The times that the new revolution happen was during a time when all technology based inventions were created. Such as the transistor 1947, computer 1980s, World Wide Web 1990s, and the cell phone 1980s.


The Internet was was born out of the Technological Revolution. It resulted from a research project conducted by a computer scientist named Tim Burners. It operated by hypertext documents that were went together to form the information system ARPANET, but is now known as the internet.
The radio was invented this time by Guglielmo Marconi who used previous discoveries of electromagnetic waves in making it. The purpose of it was to allow long distance communication.
Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson we're trying to create a device that could send various messages at once in their very own pitches. Different discoveries were made and the telephone was invented. It shared information in the form of communication in a fast manner.

Negative and Positive Impacts

The new advancements caused lots of positive impacts. Information became easier to access. Which in turn helped positive advancements in medical research, schooling, and social awareness.
With new technology came the ability for costumers to give distributors feedback on their products and get more of what they enjoyed.
Instant communication allowed personal life to develop more among everyone's lives and for emergency response time to improve.
But with positive impacts amongst society came negative effects. Addiction to using a cellular device or serving the internet began to take up lots of time in many people's lives.
The ability to communicate without being in person hindered society's face to face communication skills which many times results in social isolation.
Distractions began to add up in everyday life. Which many times results in procrastination, poor sleeping habits, or even car collisions.

Future: Medical revolutions


Technology has begun to coincide with medicine. This has allowed more research on medical epidemics and equipment.
People now have more money to invest in medical advancements.
Death at early ages due to disease and illness has become more uncommon than it use to. So we have begun to focus more upon preventing it from becoming common again.


3D organ printers have started being developed for future medical advancements. These devices allow someone who needs a an organ donations to have a synthetic organ for a short amount of time to prolong the length of time you are able to go without a real organ.
Injection of the polio virus directly into a brain tumor is being modified to result in the disablement of the tumor's ability to harm human cells.
Editing genomes to erase the genetics that cause terminal diseases such as cancer is being researched. Currently scientists have the ability to edit the genomes of an embryo to decide wether it will be male or female.

Positive and Negative Factors

These developing technological inventions could provide new life-saving breakthroughs.
People could be granted new chances for life. Many that are diagnosed with a terminal illness are distined for a short life that at best will be prolonged. But with new technology it could be extended to the average life span.
New equipment provides more successful materials to research further and create more inventions.
Although these new advancements would come with many positive improvements, they would also include downsides. The prices of new technology is very high and equipment is limited.
These developments come with high risk factors. Due to their recent structure something could go wrong during a certain process.
There are very few doctors who have the qualifications to perform many of the new surgeries or use the new equipment.
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