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About Ervis Workshop

With a vision to bring a generational change, the Ervis Workshop aims to not just educate the youth, but to inspire the children between the age group of 6 to 18 years to interact, consume and dispose plastic in a responsible and sustainable way.

We aim to...

  • Create a platform where the youth can devise ideas, strategies and solutions that can contribute to reducing plastic debt and plastic pollution.
  • Act as a medium for children to implement the ideas, based on the available resources and feasibility.
  • Engage children in educational and hands-on activities that will create an all-round awareness and understanding of the existing problem of plastic.

Setting sail from mumbai!

At Dixit BMC School, Vile Parle, Mumbai
In collaboration with Ichchha Foundation


50 Students


80+ plastic bottles reused

45+ ideas and solutions brainstormed


Children engaged in insightful screening, guided discussions and hands-on activities that tickled their creative-bone to innovate and brainstorm solutions.

documentary screening

Children watched a short documentary by Plastic Oceans, that gave them a global understanding of the adverse impact plastic has on the oceans and the animals that live within.

guided discussions

The screening was followed by a quick guided discussion where children shared their biggest learning and takeaways from the film.

"Every time we go to the beach, just out of convenience, we end up littering the shores. It is important that we overcome this laziness and casual attitude and think about the harmful impact plastic has on the oceans and the animals, when using and disposing of plastic."

- Aditya, Grade 9, Dixit BMC School, Mumbai

plastic audit

Children were asked to conduct a plastic audit a week before the workshop, to assess the plastic consumption patterns in their community. In groups, children shared startling facts and interesting experiences that helped them get a first-hand understanding of the problem

"During our plastic audit we visited several supermarkets, pharmacy, restaurants, and stationary stores. When asked if they use plastic, most of the shop owners would deny the usage of plastic. But it was evidently visible that most of their products was packaged in plastic. Also, most of them shared that they don't recycle plastic, and instead just dispose it off."

- Team: Priti, Sonali, Neetu, Ayesha, Tannu

community awareness campaign

"If you look back, a century or two ago, there was no trace of plastic as such. People back then weren't aware about what plastic was. But nonetheless they led their lives just as we do today. The only way to eliminate plastic would be to invent an alternative that completely replaces plastic in terms of use, convenience, affordability etc. and it does not harm the environment. That is the only way we can save the future of our planet."

- Sudhanshu, Grade 9, Dixit BMC School, Mumbai

In groups, children scripted and designed poems, skits, theater performances, dance performances, speeches, posters and more, to spread awareness about plastic pollution in a creative and engaging way.

designing awareness tools

Turning their creative modes on, children designed posters as a part of their awareness campaigns. The posters were packed with captivating drawings, slogans and captions that highlighted the need to take action against plastic right now!

The winning posters were created by Nazeem M Shaikh and Raj Sharma

creating plastic art

In collaboration with artist, Nehal, children reused over 80 plastic bottles to create works of art. The artworks were characterized by wind chimes of all shapes such as planets, fishes, butterflies, rockets, and much more. Children also planted seeds into their very own plastic flower pots, as a promise to always do their bit to save the environment.

Transforming waste into wonder

reaching the destination...

Having understood and realized the repercussions and dangers of plastic consumption on animals, environment and even human beings, the children came up with innovative ideas and solutions to counter the adversities and create a plastic-free future for the Earth!

Some of the best suggested solutions included:

  • Designing and developing a machine or station where people can give plastic in return for money.
  • Inventing an alternative to plastic, because we can't go by just producing and recycling plastic. The cycle will never end then.
  • Spread awareness through skits, dramas, dance performances etc.
  • Inspire people to make bags from waste clothes in their homes.
  • Make beds out of waste plastic which can be donated to hospitals for patients
our journey to ending plastic-pollution has only just begun. We aim to inspire many such youth to become torchbearers of our movement and bring about a generational change in the we consume and dispose of plastic as a society.

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Or visit our website: www.ervis.org

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