Community Outreach MVP Dairy

The Dairy Learning Center

In the process of building MVP Dairy, the community raised a lot of questions and concerns. To engage the community and let others see firsthand what’s happening on the farm, the team built the Dairy Learning Center on the farm.

Recognizing the majority of our population is disconnected from food production, we wanted to reach beyond our community and be a space for people to come and learn more about the dairy’s story from the soil to the yogurt cup.

Allison Ryan, director of marketing and communications at MVP Dairy.

The Learning Center hosts elementary school classes daily. Most Tuesday through Friday afternoons, the center is open for any-one to stop by and visit. When people visit, they get to see the cows on the carousel being milk and they learn more about the partnership and farming practices through interactive displays. Visitors can experience virtual reality stations, one that gives them access to the freestall barns and another that allows them to try milking virtually.

The experience concludes with an interactive grocery store display, which is an important connection point, Ryan explains.

“For most people, their connection to food is the grocery store,” she says. “The interactive grocery story display is a great way to reconnect what they’ve learn about the farm, to their own experiences.”

Photos: MVP Dairy
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Alison Fulton