Josemaría Alonso de Linaje Spanish author and educator

By Josemaría Alonso Alonso de Linaje

With extraordinary pleasure I like to present this poetic work, whose author is not only a close person but one with a great inner wealth and a beautiful experience in dealing with people from all corners and cultures of the world. Inspired by his experiences, he has been able to start this project drawing upon his deep passion for poetry.

I am proud to be his friend and to discuss some characteristics of this work. The author has tried, after reflection and analysis, to penetrate the heart of the person who struggles with daily life. Throughout our historical journey, we are faced with internal and external difficulties. Awareness of the messages we receive from the outside world shows us the real face of people searching for the true, the good and the beautiful. Through poetry and with a path of freedom, he presents the route that we have to choose.

"A set of maxims placed in verses that express universal truths where the mundane, the sacred and the divine are intertwined to reach the ultimate goal of life which is God."

If something defines the author, it is his themes from a realistic and positive vision. Life for him has meaning, which I would say is the star that guides him in the way of his existence. That same star gives us direction and guides our action in the world even when events divert us, allowing us to sustain or redirect our internal coherence and, therefore, our physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

It denotes the desires to live and to do something worthwhile which we must try to achieve. For him, it is essential to know our ultimate goal in life, which is to say, putting into action the three dimensions of the person: reason, heart and spirit, which has its meaning in God.

Through his verses he shows us that life has reason to exist; the passion, that feeling so deep that springs from within, the anxiety to live...and it makes one consider that it is worth it and we have to try to take full advantage of it and realize our plan in life.

In his words: “We have been made to realize our aim which is to love and to be loved. For it is necessary to know the goal, the reason of all our effort that is God.”

In this desire to reach his goal, the author traces the historical route, being grateful to those people joining and forming part of the journey along the way.

The common thread, which unites the history in question, is a set of maxims placed in verses that express universal truths where the mundane, the sacred and the divine are intertwined to reach the ultimate goal of life which is God. The acuity and delicacy that both characterize him has enabled him to collect a book of wisdom about his experiences of living in a bipolar world: the East and the West.

A contemporary of the 20th and of the 21st centuries and restless by nature, he has put into writing one of the most difficult arts, which is to blend the divine and the human with the exactitude and with the tenderness of someone who exists with intensity in the world he has touched to live.

In sum, we shall say that this work is a grateful canticle to prayer; a thanksgiving to the Lord, to the Virgin, to St. Augustine, to the missionaries, to his brethren in the religious community.

Added to this work is an exquisite theme on the need for forgiveness, the language of nature, truth, freedom, love, friends, the needy, the forgotten...they are parading in his verses to give answers.

At times, the questions are asked in a loud voice, begging for mercy, day and night, from the Lord...and always, in dialogue with God, with the world, with the environment, with inner questions that are seeking solutions to the restlessness that the person encounters each day to conquer evil, deceit or indifference.

I conclude with some of the author’s phrases:

❖ With humility, I ask God’s help to be a new man.

❖ I hear You in silence.

❖ Before human weakness, deceit, faith in God abides.

❖ Truth never gives up.

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