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Hi, Everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm a graphic designer with 5 years of experiences. Last year, around this month, I was introduced to user experience and user interface design (UX/UI). I had no clue what it was and had thought it was just another buzz word for graphic design. Later to my understanding, it wasn't, so it stirs my interest. I started doing my research and digging more into the field, I looked at everything and anything that is related or even mention the term "UX/UI design". I was so obsessed to the point, it was only the last 3 month I decide to walk on this new path and challenge myself to something new. As of right now, I'm taking one of Adobe course "User Experience Design, UX to UI." and other online classes. This very first journal will be my foundation where I will tackle UX/UI design. Follow me along this journey, as I share with you, my success and pain and how I solve challenges along the way.

What does User Experience mean to you?

" Having this constant empathy for the end-users and consumer by finding ways to create that wonderful experience for them."

Solve a problem

I choose to do this particular project on Primark because of a few years back, I'd watch Zoella (a YouTube Influencer) Primark Haul and fell in love with the store. In 2015, I heard the store had launched their first store in the United State. I had to see what the rave was all about. Let me tell you, it met all my expectation, the store was beautifully designed, what draws me in, even more, is to see the range of products they carried. Shoes, accessories, apparels for both men, women, kids, and infant and the list goes on. I little secret between you and me, I spent over $100 in one day.

Hashtag: #Primania #Primark

Back to do why I want to design a mobile app. As a "Primania" (a person who loves Primark) I want to be able to buy things online and see all the features, products, Primania stories, and video all in one place. I didn't like how everything was separated, the main website has all the major information but you can't buy anything. Their YouTube channel has all these incredible videos showcasing their products which I wished it was on their website. I do however like how their Primania page as it has an Instagram-like feel but wishes they also incorporate their official Instagram account onto the website. Sometimes finding a product you really like online but not in a store near you could be frustrating. I know if they combine all their social platforms and content on one single app, this will create and generate a bigger audience and more publicity (not saying that they don't already have) in the United States market.

Create a Persona

The first step to solving my problem was to create a persona. Personas are fictional but are created from my research, they embody the people I've studied in my research, the people who will be using my interactive experience. This was fun but a bit stressful at the same time. You have to go out and interview the users, you have to interact and see how they react to certain things. This will provide you with the most and accurate information for creating a persona. Gathering information on what users like and dislikes about their favorite retail store mobile app and asking them why gave me a lot of insight I didn't know before. The most in common the users' concern were having the accurate information about the product. I've learned that to tailor to the user concentration is so limited, the company leaves out some crucial information. Information like hem length and what other materials used to make the garment. Another concern was the clutter of too much information. Users like having information but you need to know when enough is enough. With all this information in mind, I'd created my very first two personas.



Having the categories and setting it up, make sense in my mind. But like all great UX designer say, this is made for the end users not you. I was able to gather three people to assigned where each card goes.


From the information I've gather, this is the sitemap for Primark mobile app.


Created with images by vintagedept - "How UI & UX can make or break your app (AppsWorld London Notes)"

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