Immigration by alfredo santos

My topic is about immigration.All immigrants are being treated badly because they did have paper and because other people are mean and they judge the people.I am mad because mostly everything that is made in Texas is made by Mexicans and Mexicans dont get anything but they are treated bad.The community is affected because everybody is fighting about the immigration.and also i choose this because i want to stick with my family and i dont want my family far away from me.

A total of 59 million people have migrated to the United States.The experience the bad teat meant because they were immigrants .today it's the same because Donald trump wants to deport all Mexicans to mexico.

i think that everyone will be safe and everybody will have the same human rights because they gonna have better president.The new rights is that the people will get everything that other people have some immigrates and USA citices will have the same rights

Every one is a vital people because we need each other so we can make things better.Mostly everybody is protesting so all families can stay together. we all should work.

What i can do as a student is to tell other students to study because its harder to kick out a graduate student because we can show that we care about our future and also i care about they economic and my family.


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