Alex Merced For Comptroller of NYC 2017

Your Taxes. Your Pension. Your Life.

My name is Alex Merced, and I am running to be the next Comptroller of New York City in 2017. The role of the comptroller is really split into 3 main areas:

- Auditing the city government to shed a light on inefficiency, corruption, and waste. Making recommendations on how the city government can exercise better stewardship of the tax dollars of the people of New York.

- Help New York City in issuing the municipal bonds necessary to finance its daily operations working with financial institutions to get the cities financing on the best terms possible.

- Advising in how the pension dollars of the workers of New York City are invested to provide the return necessary to fund the retirement of the cities finest without making investments that could endanger the financial security of teachers, police, fire fighters and many other city workers.

I have worked in the financial industry for almost a decade and have the financial experience and fiscally responsible perspective that a career politician may not have. I am a member of the Libertarian Party making me independent of the politics of the two major parties which will allow me to hold all aspects of the city government accountable without political conflicts. Whether you agree or not with everything a staunch libertarian like myself believes when it comes to policy, there is no one better to be a financial steward than a politically independent, fiscally responsible libertarian with experience in the financial industry.

I know your tax and pension dollars represent time you spent at work, time you did not get to spend with your family and in your community. I will take the responsibility of oversight on those dollars very seriously, as seriously as you take your family and community. It’s time to elect an independent watchman for the financial future of those in New York, so please consider supporting me to be the next Comptroller of NYC.

To contact Alex Merced for event invites and media inquiries contact alex@alexmercedforny.com. You can also reach Alex by messaging the campaign Facebook page.

If you want to support all the NYC Libertarian candidates please get involved and support your local Libertarian Party Chapter at LibertarianNYC.com

Please like the Facebook page to follow the campaign and watch the videos below to hear what Alex has to say.

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