Lusher Letter December 14, 2020

Fourth graders' "Identity maps" (as described in Ms. Rice's letter)
We are running low on bottles of water. Please help kids remember to bring a water bottle that can be refilled at our bottle-refilling stations
Congrats to G. Speaks! She submitted artwork for the Louisiana School Board Association (LSBA) Artwork Contest and has been selected to represent NOLA Public Schools for the LSBA Digital Artwork Contest K-5th category. "We were so impressed with everyone's artistry and creativity which made selecting the winners very difficult with so many amazing entries. We believe their artwork truly embodied and represented characteristics of what we uniquely call home, the great state of Louisiana."
Ms. Denise Brown taught students in Ms. Hallinan's class how to turn jump ropes for Double Dutch.
More fun at recess!
Showing off our Lion Pride!
NASA challenge Moon Pod Essay-- NASA is taking remote learning to the Moon! 2020 has been a year of working and living at a distance. Now consider what it might be like if you were living with a pod of astronauts 250,000 miles from Earth. Your challenge is to imagine leading a one-week expedition at the Moon’s South Pole – with the whole world cheering you on. Tell us about the types of skills, attributes, and/or personality traits that you would want your Moon Pod crew to have and why. How many would be in your pod? And of course you’ll need high tech gear and gadgets! In your essay, also describe one machine, robot, or technology that you would leave on the lunar surface to help future astronauts explore the Moon. Your entry must meet these requirements: Grades K-4: Essay, up to 100 words Grades 5-8: Essay, up to 200 words Grades 9-12: Essay, up to 300 words Please DO NOT put your name in your entry For all entry requirements and judging criteria please read the RULES Click HERE for more information. Submissions are due on December 17th.
Willow campus students show their support for the Black and Gold!

FREE Lunch for Students: The state is now allowing FREE lunch for every student. The meals will be processed through the Summer Food Service program. By running it through this program, all students can pick up their meals at any school. (The student does not have to go to the school they are enrolled in.)

A handy spot on the school website, here, addresses your Covid-related questions. Resources include tech tips, mental health resources, distance learning plans, and much more.

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