The True History of Technology By Tim, Luca, Charlie and RJ

The Enaic was the first ever PC, but what was the first ever compatible interactive video game?

A lot of people would say we wouldn’t have video games without Super Mario’s World 1 of 1...


We had “Spacewar!” Before anything! It was the first ever video game, created for Eniac in February 1962. Basically you were a ship flying around and shooting dots. Back in 1962 it was amazing! Now it’s just a piece of history.

Spacewar on the Eniac -1962

But what was the first console? The RJ? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! What about the Charlie, that was fine but still no. Maybe the Tim, I think we’re going down in quality now? Wait a second??? These are just our names! Hold up, it was the Magnavox Odyssey!

The Magnavox Odyssey 10 years after the Eniac

The first game for the Magnavox Odyssey might as well have been Pong, but what if we put a ‘ping’ in front?

After Ping Pong, a new company started, that was Atari... So they instantly copied the Magnavox Odyssey and made Pong which was about 100 times better (even though it was the exact same) and completely overthrew Magnavox Odyssey and Ping Pong was dead in the blink of an eye!

This is Pong.

After Atari, technology was the new thing, other than ramming your face into kittens to make yourself smell good! (Charlie said that... I don’t think people did that in the 70s. Correct me if I’m wrong.) After that various companies began work on new projects.

Then a bunch of broke teenagers changed graphic design forever

Broke teenagers who became millionaires

You’re probably sitting there wondering why we are looking at a bunch of teens from the 80s, well let’s explain.

These teens are an example of genius at its finest! That would not be the first sentence that comes to your mind, but believe it or not, it’s true!

These people are “ID software” , they are the geniuses that created the thrilling first 3D interactive video game! This was called Hovertank.

Hallelujah it’s 3D, exquisite!

There names were John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, John Romero and Tom Hall. Do you notice something? They have a John, a Carmack and a John Carmack! Then we have the completely un-related Tom Hall.

After the incredable invention of Hovertank 3D graphics went on with Cattacomb3D, Wolfenstein3D and DOOM. ID made many more of those classic games.

Wolfenstein 3D, the game that started the FPS (first person shooter) genre.

Speaking of Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein || came out on October the 27th this year! And Wolfenstein 3D was released on May the 5th 1992!

ID software is still running strong to this day under the purchase of Bethdesa.

But now we start to talk on hardware.

After all of this, Sony began with the PlayStation and used 3D as an advantage. Sony weren’t just going on with PCs and consoles, they made TVs as well. They’re still going strong with the PS4PRO.

These guys are Microsoft, they basically put a PC into a box and made a marvellous console called the Xbox.

The Apple || green screen PC

This is where we end... this was made by, go figure! Apple! We come to this very day where they are going mad and making a phone exactly the same but it’s way more expensive, like Pong and Ping Pong. Wait a second if Apple wasn’t a thing we wouldn’t have been able to write this thing in the first place (we are writing this on an iPad).

(Made by Apple)

Thank you for your time. We hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation.

Made by Tim, Luca, RJ and Charlie

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