Learning Experience

My Learning experience this semester while taking ART 200 Digital Photography has expanded my knowledge and capability to understand methods that skillfully allow me to use Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and photograph on a Canon Rebel DSLR. Being able to effectively take photos on a Canon Rebel DSLR is a huge accomplishment for me. All of the methods and skills that I learned to take high quality photos ignited a flame of enjoyment in me when I was taking photos. The most challenging aspect was working Adobe Photoshop and remembering the steps to editing the photos to be the best possible. Prior to taking Digital Photography, I had dreams so micro just to learn how to take a clear picture, and that was all. Now, from successfully being a sponge and soaking up all the Information given to me, I now look back at that dream and laugh. I now know that there is a lot more than just taking the picture and it being clear, photography I learned is a way of expression, and that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to photography.

Skills Learned

Digital Photography has provided me with skills to be able to take the best quality photos, and use Photoshop and Adobe Bridge to edit photos. The use of Adobe Bridge helped me to organize my files in which my photos were stored, learning this tool created a easier path way to find my photos. With Photoshop, many techniques that have been given to me are the primary tools that are used when editing photos. Things such as dodge and burning, blended exposures, layer mask, actual layering, and many more. In addition to, being able to effectively take quality photos with the camera acquired me to apply many skills such as the rule of thirds, adjusting the light meter, shutter speed adjusting for capturing movements, adjusting light, and adjusting the DOF which is also in relation to working with the aperture. I feel like I know more than the basics to be able to be a photographer by the acquired skills that I have possessed over this semester and this isn't even the half of the skills I learned.


Rule of Thirds Excercise
Framing Excercise
Patterns Excercise
Lighting Excercise

Project #1 - One Object

Project #2 - Surrealism

Project #3 - Documentary Scavenger Hunt

Project #3 - Dada Collage

Project #4 - Narrative

Final Project

The subject matter that I am presenting in my final project is the proper and improper way to workout. Providing photos of exercises that only require your body weight helps to show the basics of body positioning when doing the exercise, whether it be right or wrong. It is common nowadays for people to be injured due to improper positioning when doing workouts because of the lack of knowledge on how each body part is effected when doing a exercise. Its an issue that is in need of fixing because there are athletic trainers that do not educate there clientele like athletes how to properly do exercises. In my photos, lunges, planks, squats, pushups, and yoga are shown both the proper way and improper way. As you can see, the positioning of the body all have to be centered, with your chest up, knees positioned right, and back as straight as possible when doing these workouts because its helps with stability and allows for the right muscles to work when doing the exercise. Improper positioning of the body when doing these exercises could cause for major injury, especially if weights are applied because its added weight could increase the force applied on the body when working out. I chose to shoot this subject matter because I plan to be a athletic trainer, and the anatomy course that I am taking gives me to knowledge on the body and how it works. To be a athletic trainer I must acquire all of the knowledge in order to educate the future athletes that I will be training how to properly workout and prevent injury. After looking at these images, take away the importance of working out properly to its fullest depth, it will maximize your benefits when understanding that doing exercise the proper way will work the muscle you want to work on in its most efficient way, and also prevent yourself from an injury that you weren't expecting because of the improper positioning of your body when working out.

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