Hatchet By zoe Zenner



Brian is the main character in the story. He smashed into a lake when the plane he was trying to maneuver ran out of gas.

His mother divorced his father since she was secretly having an affair with another man.

His dad is confused and doesn't know why him and his wife are divorced


The pilot that Brain was flying with had a heart attack and passed away while the plane was still flying. Brian managed to keep the plane at a steady level, but when the pilot was having a heart attack the plane had veered off onto a different direction than the one they were in. Eventually, the plane ran out of gas and was descending into a sea of green trees. Brian knew he would die if he touched the trees so he desperately looked for some lake. He found one and landed in it. He swam to the shore and just laid there. He was alone and stranded in the wilderness.


Brian was in New York when he went the plane to see his father up in the oil fields in Canada.

Rising Action

Number 1

Brian finds a rock overhang and decides to make this place his shelter and adds on to the shelter by making wooden walls. He makes the walls by weaving twigs together and if there were little spots open he would weave even smaller twigs in those spots. Brian finds a bushel of berries of which he calls gut cherries. He has to be careful when he eats these berries because if he eats too many he'll barf and have diarrhea for almost an hour.

Number 2

Brian realized that gut cherries were difficult to eat and needed to find another source of food. He decided to explore somewhat and to always keep the lake in sight. As he kept exploring, he eventually found some bushes of raspberries. He ravenously ate the berries, smearing berry juice all over his hands, face, and clothes. As he was chowing down, suddenly, a bear appeared out of nowhere. The bear just stared at him, ate a couple of berries, and eventually left. Before the bear could leave, Brian had scrambled out of the berry bush place. Sooner or later, Brian had to come back and collect more berries.

Number 3

As Brian was sleeping in his shelter, he heard a slithering sound. Brian freaked out, kicked whatever the object was, and threw the hatchet at it. Brian realized, unfortunately, that the object was a porcupine. As he kicked it, the porcupine hit Brian's leg with its tail. Brian had about 7 spikes stuck in his calf. He pulled them all out, but he realized two things. One, he needed to fortify his shelter. Two, he replayed the fight in his head and found out that when he threw the hatchet, it made sparks. That meant that he could make a fire out of those sparks.

Number 4

Brian recognized that he needed to make fire and fast. He knew that he needed something light and fluffy in order to catch the sparks that fell from the hatchet. He found birch trees that were around the lake and stripped them of their bark. He used the hatchet to cut them into smaller and smaller and smaller pieces. Soon, they were able to catch the sparks. They would glow, but then they always just died out. Brian finally distinguished that he needed oxygen to make the fire. He blew on it as soon as the sparks started to glimmer. HE MADE FIRE!!!!

Number 5

Brian knew he couldn't survive eating just the gut cherries and the raspberries. He had to have some meat. Well, maybe not meat so much as fish. He decided that he needed to make a spear and catch fish with it. He tapered the spear down to a needle sharp point and went into the shallows of the lake. Brian tried many times to spear a fish, but he just couldn't hit them. Then he remembered that water refracts light and he needed to hit the fish just slightly below them. He gradually lowered the spear in the water and then swiftly struck the fish. He had gotten his first hard earned fish. Eventually, Brian got tired of the fish and needed real meat. He observed that there were these birds that always stayed in the same place on the ground and almost never flew. He stalked over to where the birds were with his spear, but every time he was hunched over and walking a bird would fly right out underneath him and terrorize him. He just couldn't hit them. One day he was stalking a bird and again it flew right beneath him. He was so exasperated he just watched the bird fly out of sight. Then he realized what he was doing wrong. He was looking for the colors of the bird not the actual shape. He saw the pear shaped body and suddenly he could see every bird. He used the spear to hit them and he finally caught one. He skinned it, cut out the bottom of the bird so all the organs fell out, and slowly spinned the carcass over the fire. He took a minute scrap and savored the juicy, tender meat. Brian felt as if he was right at home.


Brian had a terrible day where everything that he ever worked for vanished because of a tornado. Before the tornado he was trampled by a female moose and his ribs were damaged. After the tornado, the plane he had crashed with, had arisen from the water and was visible to his eyes. The tail was sticking up into the crisp autumn air tempting Brian to get the survival pack inside the plane. He built a raft and swam with the raft over to the plane. He tied to the raft to the plane and used his hatchet to slice open the tail of the plane

Falling Action

Number 1

While Brian is cutting open the tail to get in, he accidently dropped the hatchet. He realized that the hatchet was all along him. He needed that hatchet. This should've happened to him in the beginning not now. So, he dove down 12 feet to get that hatchet. After about 3 tries he finally got it. He now had more hope and courage to face whatever difficulty was presented to him. He then starts to hack open the plane, bit by bit.

Number 2

Brian eventually gets into the plane, where it is half submerged. He knows he has to dive down and get it. But it's too dark. He can't see anything so he uses his other senses to find it. Specifically, feel. He torpedoes down with his feet pointed straight down and after a couple of tries, feels the rough texture of the survival pack. When he's trying to find the way out he finds the pilot, torn to shreds, being eaten alive by fish. Brian screams and pukes in the water. He's running out of breath and needs air. His instincts take over and he struggles to get out of the water, but he makes it. He gets out of the plane and just rests on the raft. He realizes he needs to make it to shore, use the survival pack. So he swims back to shore with the raft.

Number 3

Brian opens the survival pack back in his shelter and takes everything out. He finds a gun, food, first aid kit, and many other things. He also finds a strange remote thing where he finds that it says Emergency Transmitter on it. He flicks a switch a couple of times but nothing happens. He figures that it was broken while on the plane. He is overjoyed when he finds the food and makes a meal for four. His meal is soon interrupted though.


When Brian was flicking the switch, a pilot was flying a plane overhead and received the signal. The plane slowly descended in lazy circles until it eventually touched down on the lake. The pilot walks over to Brian and realizes that he was the kid they were looking for. He's amazed and tells Brian that they gave up the search about 2 months ago. Brian proceeds to ask the pilot if he wants something to eat. A couple of months later, Brian was well and with his parents. His senses had sharpened tenfold and he never ceased to amaze at food. Brian came close to telling his dad about The Secret, but he never could.


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