Castle Warefare Ballista

This presentation will teach you more about the Ballista.

When you siege a castle this means The act of surrounding a castle or city and blocking all water and food supplies. Then the city or castle either give up or fight back. Therefor a siege can be beneficial.

This is a small model Ballista.

What is a ballista? A ballista was a giant crossbow that shot giant arrows or spears or launched rocks.

What was a ballista used for? A ballista was used for weakening city walls and then being able to raid them easier.

How did a ballista work? A ballista used tension in a strong bow stave. Most ballistas used torsion in two skeins of rope or animal sinew

This video shows the power of a fully working ballista.

A medieval castle would have been a huge version of a house you see today. They would have a huge courtyard of flat land making it easy to spot invaders. It could house family's on top of family's making it very roomy. A castle would have walls making it hard to invade and steal from it. In conclusion a medieval castle would make quite the house.


Created with images by kokotoni - "Ballista" • Hans - "painting knight battle" • ryochiji - "IMG_1272.JPG" • the_great_nanners - "Ballista" • David Jackmanson - "Ballista at the Pax Romana encampment - History Alive! 2011, Fort Lytton, Brisbane, Australia 110612"

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