Dear Pittsburgh A letter from the Hobby Prodigy Team

Dear Pittsburgh

We would like to thank you for three incredible years. We've been blessed beyond all measure to have had loyal customers, a strong community, and our many successful events in such a short time. Over the last few months, we've changed our menu, our newsletter, and our reservation page...now it is time to announce our newest change: our location.

The Mall at Robinson has been a fantastic host for Hobby Prodigy, but over the last few months, we've had more and more requests to travel to different venues in Pittsburgh.... so we're returning to our roots! Hobby Prodigy will be closing its doors in The Mall at Robinson on June 30, 2019. By returning to a pop-up studio platform, Hobby Prodigy will be available for more travel events, bigger party sizes, and more customization than ever!

This week, we'll be selling some of our extra decor pieces (even our highly coveted custom furniture pieces!) We'll also be offering all of our crafts for 30% off until Sunday June 30 as availability permits.

Hobby Prodigy is excited to see where this transition is taking us, and we hope that we can count on your support again as we return to our Pop-Up status. Look for us popping up at your favorite places around the city, and invite us to pop-up at your next event!

Much love,

Jenn, Abby, and the HP Team


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