The 6 Component Project BY: gabe DICKERSON


Ancient Greece was surrounded water on three sides which made Greece a peninsula and made it easy to trade with other country from boat. Greece had many island around Greece so that will help them have many resources. Greece was hard to attack because of the mountains that they have so that makes Greece so hard to attack and make them powerful. most of the major cities are on the coast lines which makes It easy to get water.

Organized Government

tyranny was one type of goverment in on good part is because the other governments have more than one ruler so if there is only one ruler than the group may not argue and just that one ruler will make that one call. One bad thing that can be bad is that the one ruler can make the right call. One place in the world that runs there goverment like that is England and the Queen.One ruler that makes the discussion.

An oligarchy is one other type of goverment. One good part about the goverment is that There might be a few people for this one dissection and that could be the right call.More ideas.Being able to discuss. One bad thing is There will be arguing with the other rulers and will not make there own dissections.They might not agree.The rulers may not be unwise.

organized goverment

The final goverment is a democracy and there are 2 different types of democracy the two are direct and Representative. First we are going to talk about Representative, the USA is a representative goverment because we some people that will vote people can vote and choose there president. The other democracy is direct and Athens had that kind of goverment


The Greeks made all different types of art and there are 4 of them but there are way more than just 4 but here is 4. Writing, drama, sculpture, paintings. Lets talk about writing first and writing was a big part in the Greeks life and they had a alphabet and we still use a alphabet but not The Greeks alphabet. Drama was a important thing to the Greeks and they used it a lot and it helped a lot of people express themselves. Painting are very helpful to people that can not fully express them self through something else and that can express them through painting and we do still paint today. I think the art spread to Asia Minor and then spread further.


The Geeks believed in Epics and fables. Epics were the Earliest stories ever told and some are still are told today. Sometimes Shakespeare used some of the stories for him to tell in his stories. fables are stories told and still can be told today and still are.

Writing Systems

The Greek alphabet is a really similar to the alphabet we use and that used it the same way we use are's. One of the difference's are that the Greek's did not have all the letter sometimes they would have the begging of words like the. If I had to choose which one I would choose are's because we have all the letters.

Class division

People had many rights and they used all of there rights. They were different from other ancient Greece because they had more rights and they were able to do more which made it better for them.

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