Discovering the Good Life: Harn Museum Brandon EStremera

Art and Core Values: This piece was masterfully sculpted. Family is a core value that many share and this artwork portrays is very accurately. I was raised to make family the highest priority and to cherish every moment spend together. I find that this work of art portrays the strong bond and unity of my family and a sense of oneness.

Art and the Good Life: This statue is related to Buddhism, which was one of the methods of seeking and finding a good life discussed in class. I think that the way of life taught through the Buddhist teachings is effective in finding a good life. The story of Siddhartha in the seeking module of class references to the practices of Buddhism in Siddhartha's search of enlightenment. Though I do not follow the Buddhist ways, this statue helps me appreciate it from an outside perspective.

Design of Museum: This piece of art can be found in modern collection exhibit. This was my favorite exhibit because of the layout of the paintings and the lighting. The exhibit gave off a new and modern vibe and all the art was amazing. This was one of my favorite painting in the exhibit because visiting New York is a great experience and because of the incredible detail of the city in the painting.

Medium of Art: The art behind me in this picture cannot be fully or clearly online or in pictures. It is large and has intricate detail. It is one of pieces of work that catches my eye every time I visit the Harn. The 3D effect of the art, its colors and the designs are very striking. It is the kind of art that does not convey a message, leaving its meaning to the discretion of the viewers. I interpret its meaning to be integration despite diversity. I am reminded of the importance of uniqueness individuality and creativity in society.

Art and the Good Life: The Guerrilla Girls were a group of female activists or feminists from various artistic professions that worked against sexism and racism in art. They formed in 1985. It was through their art that they were able to stand up for what they believed to be right. Their art provoked me to think about the injustices that women faced during their time. In thinking, I was able to appreciate women's rights in society today. A crucial part of living a good life is finding justice and having rights.

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