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This Paralympic Athlete Exemplifies Grit

Speaking of Grit, let's revisit our 7 traits for success:

Monday Musings: If your Goals Don't Scare you a Little Bit, you're not "goaling" big Enough.

Source: The Color Run

In Your notebook, name (write) the emotion you're feeling RIGHT NOW.

Now, think about whether gratitude comes simply or difficultly to you.

Turn to a Nearby Classmate and explain your thinking. Does gratitude come easily or not so easily to you? Explain your answer.

Now, put your thoughts you just talked about into writing.

All done? Great! We'll come back to your writing tomorrow.

When someone gives to you, the cost may not always be money.

Assign a scribe, someone who will write on the white board during this next discussion.

question to discuss and brainstorm:

what are the different ways someone doing something for you can 'cost' them?

i.e., Doing something for someone may cost time.

How many forms of 'cost' has your homeroom class discovered?

Option: Take a photo of your list & share it on social media, tagging #vivnation & #gratitude!

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