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Adobe Stock has some amazing, native in-app integrations with our major desktop apps, such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, including direct access to Creative Cloud Libraries for saving and sharing content previews and licensed content. This article will help you understand the relationship between these services and how to use them together.

But I already know what CC Libraries are!

There are some very special integrations between Adobe Stock and CC Libraries. Here are some of the incredible things you can do with CC Libraries and Adobe Stock:

  • Collect a “lightbox” of image options for a project.
  • Share your lightbox with a teammate or art buyer.
  • Collaborate with others using the same CC Library.
  • Bulk License (use Libraries as shopping cart).
  • License content in-app.
  • Access on mobile or at home if needed.
  • How to easily identify licensed vs. preview content.
  • How to quickly and easily access images inside CC apps.

Ummm... What's a CC Library?

If you've not heard of or used Creative Cloud Libraries before, I recommend reading this short primer on what CC Libraries are.

I don't have access to CC Libraries

If you have access to Adobe Stock, but your organization doesn't allow access to Creative Cloud Libraries, or if you do not have a Creative Cloud subscription, you might want to read this article:

The Connection Between CC Libraries & Adobe Stock

Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock are tied to the same ID you use to login to Creative Cloud. This means that anything you save as a preview, or license to a library, travels with you through your account, providing time-saving and organizational benefits.


Adobe Stock is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud Libraries. You can add a watermarked preview of a stock image to any of your libraries directly using the Adobe Stock website. Then, in Creative Cloud apps that support Libraries—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD, Dreamweaver, and Dimension—you can drag the watermarked stock image from the Libraries panel to your creative project.

CC Libraries in Adobe Illustrator

In-app Licensing

When you're satisfied that the stock image is appropriate for your project, you can choose to license the stock image directly from within the Libraries Panel of your desktop application.

Creative Cloud apps that support library-linked assets—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign—take this integration a notch deeper. When you license the stock image, all linked instances of the stock image in your open documents are automatically updated to the licensed, high-resolution stock image without the watermark.

In-app Searching

While working in supported desktop app, you can also search for stock assets from within the Libraries panel in the app.

Searching Adobe Stock assets within the CC Libraries panel of Premiere Pro

Viewing CC Libraries Online

When you view Libraries through the Stock web site, you will also see what stock content is currently licensed (the blue check mark). You can also license assets in this view, either singly or in bulk. Bulk licensing stock content is unique to the CC Libraries view within Adobe Stock.

To view CC Libraries on the Stock web site, tap the Libraries tab at the upper right of the web site interface. You can scroll through all your current Libraries and select a specific library to view the contents.
This library has two licensed assets (note the blue check marks). You can select multiple assets to license in the CC Libraries view within the Adobe Stock web site.

This short video shows you how to access CC Libraries on the Adobe Stock website.

You can bulk select assets in order to bulk license them. In this example, four additional images have been selected for licensing. This bulk selection and bulk licensing can only be done through the Library view within the Adobe Stock web site.
You can also view all your CC Libraries by choosing View all from the Libraries tab.
Top level view of all CC Libraries

Viewing CC Libraries on Adobe.com

The most optimized way to view, add and license assets is to access CC Libraries through the Adobe Stock web site.

While you can also view stock assets in CC Libraries through assets.adobe.com, there is no obvious blue checkmark to indicate licensed content. Also, licensing content in this manner is not as streamlined a process, and still takes you back to stock.adobe.com to complete the licensing. Also, you cannot bulk license content through assets.adobe.com.

Stock assets viewed through assets.adobe.com.

How Do I Create a Library on the Adobe Stock Website?

You can create new CC Libraries right within the Adobe Stock website, when you download content.

You can save a preview or license an asset to a CC Library by first clicking on the desired asset to enlarge. Then choose the appropriate action (Save Preview or License and Save). You can even create a brand new CC Library in which to store the assets.

Note: On the Adobe Stock website, when you save an asset to a Creative Cloud Library, this library becomes the default "save-to" library until you intentionally change to a different library.

How do I Share a Library?

  1. On the Adobe Stock website, select a CC Library from the Libraries tab, located in the upper right corner of the web site.
  2. Once the Library opens, tab on the Library options in the upper right corner of the Library view.
  3. Choose Send Link.
  4. Copy the link from the dialog box, add a description if needed and click the Save button
You can send a link to a specific library right within the Adobe Stock web site.
Sending the Library link is as simple as copying the url and pasting it into an email.

Note: Sending a link in this manner is for sharing the Library only, and does not allow for full collaboration beyond viewing and licensing the content. To enable full collaboration, see the article linked below.

Did You Know?

  • Effects that you apply to the watermarked stock asset are preserved when you license it later.
  • You can start a new visual search (Find Similar) by selecting an image in CC Library.
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