Conejo Valley Chamber Trip to Cuba Nov 30th to Dec 08th, 2017

Cuba's Charming Colonial Cities and Havana

9 day Tour from Miami to Miami


Once in a lifetime experience awaits you on this Cuba travel program

This special people to people program allows Americans and Cubans to share meaningful interactions while enjoying the rich history and culture of this amazing country

Every day is filled with compelling educational activities and conversations


Day 1: Arrive in Miami. Meet at 6pm for a Welcome briefing

Day 2: Fly to Camaguey

Day 2 and 3: Camaguey - Cuba's historic and third largest city

Day 4 and 5: Stay in Cienfuegos - "Pearl of the South"

Day 6, 7, and 8: Stay in Havana - Cuba's capital city

Day 9: Return to Miami and flight back home


Tour the city's beautifully restored plazas in the "City of Squares". This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Enjoy a bici (bike) taxi ride before dinner

Day 3: Meet with dancers of the world renowned Camaguey Ballet Company

Interact with dancers, teachers and costume-makers


Journey to King Ranch - connect with cowboys over BBQ lunch

Visit Casanova Pottery Studio to learn about Tinajones. Interact with the artists to learn the local legend

Camaguey's famous Tinajones - large red pots found outside homes


Day 4: On to Trinidad, crown jewel of Cuba's colonial cities

Stroll the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and view the pastel colored houses with wooden shutters and wrought iron grilles. Spend time at TEMPLO YEMAYA to discuss Santeria - an Afro-Cuban religion.

Continue to Cienfuegos for a two-night stay


Day 5: Waking tour around Cienfuegos - "Pearl of the South" Engage with tobacco rollers at the CIGAR FACTORY. Join a discussion with artists at a graphics arts STUDIO. After lunch enjoy a performance with the Cienfuegos ORCHESTRA

Day 6: Travel through the countryside, passing sugar cane and banana plantations. Guided visit of the BAY OF PIGS MUSEUM in Playa Giron. Visit Fidel Castro's center of operations during the 1961 invasion - an old sugar mill. Over lunch join in a discussion with a local Naturalist.

Drive to Havana


Discussion with jazz musicians from CUBAN INSTITUE OF MUSIC and then enjoy a performance

Day 7: Discussion with a local architect on Havana's unique architecture and renovation of historic buildings. Explore the cobblestone streets of OLD HAVANA a UNESCO World Heritage site. Engage with staff of FINCA VIGIA, Ernest Hemmingway's beloved home and see his fishing boat, El Pilar Learn about organic urban farming during lunch at a local ORGANIC FARM. Visit a DAYCARE CENTER and interact with the children and workers who run the program.

Day 8: Tour of Havana including REVOLUTION SQUARE; COLON CEMETRY - with elaborately sculpted memorials and hear the captivating history, folklore and stories of the noteworthy people laid to rest here. Workshop at JOSE FUSTER'S STUDIO, nicknamed "Picasso of the Caribbean", and discuss the projects impact on the surrounding area. Meet with baseball players over lunch and discuss this favorite pastime of Cuba and the United States.

Tour the illustrious HOTEL NACIONAL DE CUBA, a symbol of history, culture and Cuban identity.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Enjoy a ride in an OLD STYLER car and a choir performance by the CUBAN INSTITUTE OF MUSIC.

FAREWELL DINNER - dinners tend to be roasted meats like chicken and Cuban pork (a speciality), usually accompanied by salad, rice and beans and root vegetables. Seafood is also on the menu. Cuban desserts are very yummy – fresh fruits, home made ice cream, pastries Cuban drinks – the national drink is the Mojito and most places you go, you are handed a mojito or another tropical drink like a dacquirie or pina colada.

Day 9: After breakfast, say goodbye to the " Pearl of the Antilles". Head to the airport to catch your flight to Miami.

Shantha Mony, Dream-Ality Travels , 805-236-4437


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