For the most part artists don't make art that is just about art. They do not think about color, line, and composition in a vacuum. Rather they use these tools as a way to explore and express IDEAS they are excited about. For many artists that means engaging with the important social issues of their time and culture.

The images above are by the contemporary artist, Shepard Fairy.

What do think the ideas are that he is interested in? How does he make a strong and compelling VISUAL statement?

What do you think Shepard Fairy believes his role as an artist is in society? What do YOU think the role of an artist is in their society? Can this answer be different for different artists? different cultures?

Corita Kent, "E Eye Love", Screenprint 1968

This is an image made by Sister Corita Kent, "the printmaking nun". She was a socially active artist in the 60's whose prints commented on a variety of social issues. Can you guess what she was commenting on in this print? What makes this a compelling image?

learn more about Corita

Some more contemporary artists whose work addresses social issues are...

Keith Haring
Jaune Quick to See Smith

Now it's your turn to be an advocate.

Advocate: a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

synonyms: champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, exponent, spokesperson, campaigner, fighter, crusader.

What do you wish was different in this world? What do you wish people paid more attention to? or were better educated about?

You are going to create a 10 page book in Book Creator app to advocate for the issue of your choice. This project will have three stages.

1.) Identify an issue you are passionate about. Research your issue, and possibly artists who have also made art about your issue. Create a Google Doc to organize your research. Save any images they you may want to use in your to your camera roll. Any passages, statistics or images pulled from the internet must be cited. Here are some sites to help you get started...

Artistic Noise Vimeo

2.) Create 2-3 original pieces of art, with or without text, to advocate for your issue. You don't have to use text in your image, but if you do, think carefully about the best way to combine text and image to get a viewer interested in your issue. And as always, if you are not planning on spending a lot of time with handwritten text then use app generated text.

Use the Apps Paper 53, Adobe Draw, or Sketches Pro to create your images.

3.) Create your book! Engage your audience! Using your personal images, images or writings from your research, as well as your own writing - prose or poetry, create a book that builds empathy and possibly moves a viewer to act on behalf of your issue.

Shepard Fairy
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