The problem with the mussels By the W.P.I. ( water protection investigation)

Mystery river is about a mystery river called the Shawnee river. The Shawnee rivers hopewell academy makes mussel shell jewelry and have been finding less and less shells lately until they only found 3 shells. Our mission is to find out the problem in the Shawnee river. Pollution is a problem because, as in the diagram behind, nonpoint source pollution comes from all around the river and you cannot pinpoint the exact location and do one thing to solve the problem. Crop pesticides have ammonia in them which decreases male mating. The oil in the streets from the cars will make mussels less likely to actually implant on the rocks.

This layout is of the above diagram and the map below simulate the problem pollution is imposing on the rivers. As shown on the map below, biotech pharmaceuticals is making drugs, and then depositing the waste into the water. Also, the nursing home has a day called "Flush day" where all the Reseditents of the nursing home dump their old and unused drugs in the toilet, and as the name implies, "Flush". Two specific drugs, an anti depressant called "Prozac" and a beta blocker called propranolol can accumulate in the gills and digestive tract, causing the mussels to have digestive problems and a hard time filtering plankton. The lack of food and the disability to properly digest food can kill a mussel. The two drugs also cause stress in the mussels.

Another problem that mussels are facing is that that the farms that are placed along the riverbank, every time it rains the manure and excess pestscides absorb into runoff and run into the river, polluting it. A major ingredient in pesticides is ammonia, which is extremely toxic to juveniles and can kill juveniles, thus destroying the future generation of mussels.

Another part of the pollution is that uranium, which the biotech and compu-systems could be dumping uranium into the water. Uranium is a serious threat to the mussels because uranium can stop mussels from reproducing. This kills of most of the next generation of the Shawnee river.

Our proposed solution for all these threats to the Shawnee river are to have farmers dig trenches and plant trees at the edge of the river, blocking most of the pollution that comes from the farms. Capitol city should also find biotech and and the nursing home for dumbing drugs into the water. With this money they can engineer and buy a filter that can take all the metals and properly dispose of them. Then capitol city should also have the residents of the nursery home give the drugs to a place were the drugs can be broken down, recycled, and then engineered to last longer. Biotech should also put the wastewater pipes to empty into the water treatment plant and add a filter to it to make sure the mussels do not get harmed.

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