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Watching the Pursuit of Happyness, I received the message that no matter how hard, life may be at the time, to never give up. Take special opportunities that could make you a better person. Do not underestimate anyone and their capability to do anything.

Chris Gardner

The City Influencer

According to Chrisgardnermedia, Christopher Gardner had a rough childhood growing up. He never knew his father, and only lived with his mother when he was not in foster homes. He had an interest in finance, so he was willing to risk everything to pursue his dream. Christopher Gardner had a son named Chris Jr. After his mother walked out, he had to raise Chris Jr. all by himself. He stated that "I made up my mind as a young kid that when I had children they were going to know who their father is, and that he isn’t going anywhere" (Biography).

Christopher had a lot of failures. He was homeless for a while because he couldn't keep up with the bills while he was an intern at Dean Witter Reynolds (Pursuit). This failure though, led to his biggest success: founding the brokerage firm Gardner Rich in Chicago from his home with just $10,000 (Biography).

J.K. Rowling

The Huffington Post

According to Editors, J.K. Rowling, a single mother, lived in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her children. She was constantly writing in a local cafe, the famous series, Harry Potter. She had to rewrite The Sorcerer's Stone several times before it was accepted. J.K. Rowling has broken records with her famous novels (Biography).

Her failures were a little devastating to her, she thought so many times that she had finally gotten her story right, only to be turned down time and time again. Finally, all of those failures have led to her biggest success, ranking her number thirteen on Britain's wealthiest women list (Biography).

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a famous painter who expresses how she feels through art. A lot of people can relate this, so I think that a lot of people can relate to her artwork. Frida Kahlo married Communist, David Revera, and became politically active (Biography). Her self portraits reveal that she might have felt silenced by everything around her.

Frida Kahlo did not have many failures, but I think that her marrying David Revera, led to her being so successful with her artwork. Her artwork is spread all throughout the world inspiring young artists today.

Vincent Van gogh


Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painter that was very successful. He is one of the most renown artists today. I think that his low points in life really allowed him to express his feelings and true talent. As a child, his family did not have a lot of money, so he had to quit school to go to work. As he got older, he became a little more rebellious to his family and then left to go live in Brussels. While living there, he decided to become an artist, which during this time was very uncommon especially since he didn't have any training or a degree.

While Van Gogh was hospitalized, he was suicidal. His paintings show all of his emotions. I think that he was a very smart man, that just went insane. His downfall in life really led him to be one of the most inspire-able artists to walk the Earth.

Ellen Degeneres

Geek Insider

Ellen DeGeneres grew up with divorced parents. She wanted to be a veterinarian for a very long time, but gave it up because she wasn't book smart. She was a waitress for long time and had other minor jobs. She found herself on a stage and was very scared, so she used comedy to make herself more comfortable. Her brother really encouraged her to pursue her dream.

Ellen started out by doing stand up comedy. She then got her big debut on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. She starred in several shows from there on out. Her biggest challenge in her life was coming out as gay (Biography). Ellen did however say that “I think what saved me is being honest. I think I somehow had the courage to do something and to say something that I knew would possibly end my career. Instead of making business more important, I made my soul and my life more important. And I think by being truthful, and being honest, that saved me." So her career got her to where she wanted to be in life and now she has her own talk show, and is enjoying life to the fullest.

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