Water and air pollution BY keegan

Water covers 75 % of the Earths surface so it may seem silly to worry about saving it. But just 1 % of the Earth's water has to meet all our needs.


The worlds population is growing and our demand for pure clean water is increasing and yet climate changes and population threaten to reduce our supplies. Changing water into clean water is hard in some country's because people are flushing toxic water down the toilets that end up in our taps at home. We pollute the atmosphere - and thereforerainwater - with emissions from industry and transport. Industrial and agricultural water pollution harms wildlife and habitats. Artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides poison marine life, including fish and animals that we eat.

Air pollution is normally caused by factories and industrial production and factories.


3 million people are killed by air pollution every year and more than 2 million people die from diseases associated with unsafe water.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the introduction of separating, biological molecules, and other harmful substances into Earth's atmosphere, causing diseases, allergies, death to humans, damage to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, or the natural or built environment.

Burning fossil fuels releases sulphur dioxide - a gas that can acidify rainwater creating 'acid rain'. This flows into lakes and rivers, affecting plants and animals. It damages trees, slowing their growth and burning their leaves brown, often leading to death. Other fossil fuel fumes choke urban areas, reacting with sunlight to produce ground-level ozone


Created By
Keegan Dowling


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