Caveat Emptor Weronika Bilek

Entering the shop, rows upon rows, shelves filled all the way to the top, books fill up every single bookcase in the Caveat Emptor. The shop has been open since 1971. Over the years they have collected some older, and even rare, books.
Searching for the next purchase, customers browse the shop for the next great find. Whether it is a book or a CD, anything in the store has some type of value to the customers. They enjoy the store with all of its history.
Grab them while they're hot, CD's sit waiting for their new home. Collected from either donations or buying them off of people, the CDs have some value to others.
In the room, all these books sit from floor to ceiling. Stancs thought of downsizing stores, but due to the amount of books and CDs in the store, he did believe it would be a good idea due to his age.
Customers at the shop look for books to take home to enjoy.
Working on the move,Janis Starcs, one of the co-owners of Caveat Emptor, starts getting everything all set up for the new owners. The transition to new owners is quite difficult, but he believes that it is the time.
Rows and rows of books sit. The shop has been open for over 40 years. In the decline of people wanting physical copies of books, less and less customers came in. Business became slow, and they almost shut down the place, but now their will be new owners.
Sitting on the outside, books wait here grabbing the people's attention to bring them into the shop. These unique books come in from people who are willing to sell them or just do not need them anymore.
Behind the windows of the Caveat Emptor old books with a lot of history are stored here from the floor to the ceiling. Janis Starcs has been with the shop since it was created. 1971 to 2016, 45 years of collecting and keeping books on the shelf. The shop almost closed down until someone decided to buy it.

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