Buddha Tweets Youna karim

Prince Siddhartha was born around 563 BCE.

#happybirthday #prouddaddy #proudmommy

The king and queen named siddhartha that because it means "the one who brings all good"

#betterthenyou #sorrynotsorry

When Asita sees greatness in the prince

#greatness #futureking

The queen got really ill within seven days of giving birth she died

#RIP #missyou #greatqueen

The king made sure the prince had a great education

#greatdad #bestking

Unlike everyone else the prince liked to be alone wondering the palace gardens

#lonly #loser

The prince saw a wounded white swan and he helped it by removing the arrow and caring for it

#sweetprince #futureking

When the prince found the love of his life and wanted to marry her but her dad needed proof of the princes bravery and skills only then he would let them get married

#ohhh #lovebirds


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