Interactions With Clive Mccarthy

We started off interactions with looking into the use of projectors and how the use of projections and mapping has grown in quality over the years.
We first looked at the Disney's Haunted Mansion (1969) with the use of projection in a horror setting with images of people dancing in a ball room being projected in a 3D style which may have passed off as scary, being appropriate for its use however there was barely any colour used and the quality was low.
We then looked at newer versions of projection and projection mapping with videos from Porsche and LG Optimus selling and marketing their products by using projected shows onto buildings and small structures.
We then started looking at the software HeavyM where we designed our own projections to fit the tile panelling of the roof with various different animated projections.
HeavyM was very simple to use and could create simple animated projections with ease using pre set tools in the program to create shapes and rotate them.
Projection could easily be used in everyday life for a new alternative to advertising where audiences (The public) could react to it and this could a product more up to date and appealing. This also could improve the gaming industry with the use of small portable projectors, you could take computer games wherever you go without having to carry a large monitor around with you.
The idea of VR is to create a believable high quality virtual atmosphere that a user can easily get lost in. The trend of VR has become more and more brought into the gaming world with the release of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR.
I believe that VR has untapped potential as technology progresses which could have a future where you may not need to leave your house to go to work as you can collect all the information and complete your work virtually. Vr could be used for anything such as military training purposes to simulate training exercises to creating art and 3D graphic designs.
I thoroughly enjoyed using the HTC Vive and have recently bought one for my own personal VR gaming experiences with the possibility of creating a Virtual reality project next year.
The point of AR is to superimpose an image or animation through the use of a camera in real time viewing. This has gained popularity over the last few years with gamers were a handheld console could scan a card with its camera and a 3D animated figure would pop up and move around.
This could be helpful in every day life for example the Google Glass often promoted by gadget guru Jason Bradbury which is basically a smartphone with voice activation but worn on the head and can be linked similarly to a HUD in a video game.
This could easily be used in everyday life such as using virtual maps that direct you where you need to go, could show you reminders and could sell well if companies incorporated it for example showing a 3D mapped building from blueprints.
To start off this week, we looked into Arduino and the basic programming behind it and how it works. Rather than looking into VR/AR or projections, we went down to the basics of how the hardware of a circuit could actually run a basic machine.
To do this we also looked into "Little Bits" which, with colour coordinated pieces, fit together to create a basic circuit which could be used to create a sound from a buzzer, a rotation of a fan and also to make the circuit move when attached to wheels.
I believe that using these tools makes it easier to understand how the basics of technology works with the possibility to expand on that and build greater creations from it such as a machine that can take a picture and recreate it as a drawing purely through its hardware and programming.
This has many day to day applications already currently in use from basic computers like calculators to machines that can fit car parts to a chassis.


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