Little learning school Manual handling outline

Understanding Common Injuries

Learning objectives

  • Brief overview of most common injuries in this field- lower back injuries and knee injuries
  • Helping employees identify injuries early on to prevent chronic injury


  • Stats of common injuries in the childcare workplace
  • What is non specific mechanical lower back pain?
  • What types of knee injuries are there?
  • Can I be predisposed to injuries?
  • Can a reaggravation occur to an old injury?

Understanding Mechanisms of injury

Learning objectives

  • Teach staff about how mechanical injuries occur
  • Better understanding of injury to reduce chronicity and better return to work rates
  • How can we create strategies to reduce the chances of injury and what to look out for?


  • Sprain versus strain
  • Typical healing rates
  • How to reduce strain and sprains
  • Muscle tightness/ weakness, balance, strength, stability

Strategies to avoid common injuries

Learning objectives

To look for common workplace injury scenarios and figure out how we can reduce rate of injury by changing body positions and forces

  • Cots
  • Floor to standing
  • Picking up children
  • Moving children
  • Change stations
  • Moving heavy play equipment
  • Switching from side to side during long periods of carrying

Importance of exercise and functional effects on the body


  • Play out each scenario with a model and how we can make it worse, and how we can make it better?
  • Moving station around to improve ergonomics
  • Sitting on the floor
  • Using things like stools to reduce strain on knees and back

Injury Management Procedures

Learning Objectives

  • How to self treat acute sprains and strains
  • What to expect?
  • Company policy and procedure to help with return to work


  • When to use ice or heat?
  • Acute injury management expectations and procedures
  • What to do if it persists. Who do I contact?


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