Mars Water Collection Challenge BY: Travis


Using an Operator Controlled Robot, students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle, place it into a container and return the bottle back to base camp.

Today me and my partner have a new challenge! In a nutshell we must modify are robot so that it can scale the ramp and pickup the water bottle. Then we must go back over the ramp with the bottle, and return to base camp.

Today me and my partner are starting modifications! We plan to try and add to more wheels to the bot to add more traction so that we can get are bot over the hump successfully.

Today was a very productive day! Me and my partner both added a wheel to the front of the bot to add more traction. We also tested he robot twice!

Today me and my partner's goal is to be able to get over the ramp, and add as many modifications as possible! We also want to try a few Test runs to make sure everything is working great.

Yesterday me and my partner realized that our claw was not strong enough to pick up the water bottle. We hope that today we can find out how to fix it! We plan to manipulate the gear ratios on the arm of our claw. My partner also might add another wheel to the back to add more traction.

Today me and my partner tried to add another wheel to the back of the robot. But after testing, we had to remove it. We hope that by tomorrow we can have all the flaws figured out.

Today me and my partner are still trying to get over the ramp. We have about a week left to modify the robot before we compete and we hope to be able to complete the challenge.

Today all me and my partner did was test! The sad thing is, that we got over the ramp but we didn't get it on video so we couldn't say we did. I think we are making great progress though!

Today me and my parter are going to try and get over the ramp. Are plan is to modify the claw to add more weight so that it is easier to get over the ramp!


Today me and my partner tested and modified. As you can see in the picture above we added to wheels to the back so that we can get over the ramp every single time!

Today me and my partner are going to try and and another wheel to add maximum traction! We hope to finish the challenge today!

Today was the last day of the challenge and we completed it! If you would like to see the video of us completing it, watch the video below.

Below is the video of us attempting to complete the challenge.

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