Upperwood Academy Newsletter 1 Autumn Term 1

Welcome Back

Dear Parents, Well what a year! Can I welcome you all back to Upperwood and a special welcome to our new starters in Oaks and Elms! Children across school are working hard and along with our staff, all trying our best. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page, we post regular updates. Please ensure you are on time in a morning and evening and we will get through this. Carry on Upperwood!

Covid Catch Up Tutors

We have very recently appointed four Catch Up tutors to support our learners in school. They will support our children in afternoon sessions so that all children in school access daily literacy and numeracy lessons in a morning with their class teacher. Each catch up tutor will only work with one bubble of children.

If we identify areas in school in which your child might benefit from additional catch up support, initially this will be focused upon Reading and Mathematics, we will contact you to make you aware of our intention to provide additional tutoring within the school afternoon. These sessions will be short, pacey and hopefully something your child enjoys. This additional tutoring may last a couple of weeks or may be longer term, depending upon your child’s needs. Not all children in school will require additional tutoring. We look forward to welcoming our new tutors to Upperwood!


We would like to thank Martin Davies for his Caretaking of school as well as many other services he has provided over the last 5 years. We wish him every success in the future. Goodbye and best wishes Martin!

Absence Procedures

Our school attendance currently is 97%, this is a great achievement and we thank parents for getting children into school every day.

Please be reminded to contact school at the earliest opportunity to inform us if your child will be absent from school. During this time, it is imperative that school is aware of reasons for absence and symptoms of Covid 19 particularly.

If your child is off school due to self-isolation or quarantining, school has a very important duty to ensure that children are able to access learning from home. Mrs Merrills or Miss Charity will keep in regular contact with families who are isolating/quarantining, to ensure children are able to fulfil their home learning. If you have any trouble with using Seesaw or difficulties with home learning, please contact school.

End of Day Procedures

After the half term holiday, we will be revising the drop off and pick up times for each class. We will be decreasing the time for each class to enter and exit school to 5 minute intervals. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that you drop off and pick up your child on time and do not arrive early or late to your gate to prevent crowding and mixing of bubbles. For the remaining week before the half term break, we will continue to use the usual times. Please note that the change of timings does not come into effect until Tuesday 3rd November.

Parents Evening

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold parent consultations in the Autumn tern in the usual way. Instead, class teachers will provide you with a short report after the half term holiday to let you know how they are doing in their new class. It will give you information on their attendance, their attitudes to learning, if they have slipped behind in areas of learning and what if any additional support/tutoring they are receiving. If you have any concerns regarding your child, please get in touch with the class teacher by telephone before or after school.

Holiday Dates

Monday, 2nd November, 2020 is an INSET Day

Monday, 4th January, 2021 is an INSET Day

Flu Vaccinations

The Immunisation Team will be in school after half-term administering the flu vaccination to all our children. You will be sent a letter in the post from the team which will give you more information. You will also receive a consent form from school via e-mail which will need completing and returning. Thank you.

Dinner Menu


All infant children receive a piece of fruit every day at school. The juniors (Classes 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 and 11 - and the Year 3s in Class 5) are now invited to bring a piece of fruit into school to have during the morning break. This MUST be a piece of fruit or dried fruit, please do not send breakfast bars, crisps etc. Thank you.

Contact Details

In these unprecedented times it is imperative that we have up to date contact details (phone numbers, e-mails) for you. The majority of correspondence will be via e-mail so if your e-mail address changes or you would like an e-mail address adding to our contact list please send the information to schooladmin@upperwoodacademy.com


Events in school to celebrate Advent and Christmas are going to be a little different this year. Our children in Class 1 will carry out a Christmas nativity, and although we won’t be able to invite parents to watch this in school, we are happy to film this production and make this available for parents to view at home. If however, you would prefer for your child not to take part in this nativity and be filmed, please let the class teacher know. We will celebrate Christmas in school with lots of different activities for the children.