Peyton Schmidt Social media professional

Strategic Brief:

Introduction to Adobe Spark:

Essentially, Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. It enables users to easily create beautiful images, videos and web pages to help promote their small businesses and personal brands. The app is composed of three main tools- Adobe Post, Page and Video. It’s beneficial because it is a way to easily create and share visual content.

Overview of the focus of this assignment:

For this assignment, I want to focus on promoting my own personal brand. Adobe Spark has allowed me to share links to my various social media platforms in an aesthetically pleasing way. I enabled Adobe Post to create and integrate social graphics into my Adobe Page. The app allowed the vision I have for my personal brand come to life .

Key Audiences:

The target demographic for my Adobe Spark page is my current and future social media followers as well as potential employers. I wanted to create a professional and visually pleasing page that accurately portrays my personal aesthetic. I’ve attached my various social media platforms in links on my page so viewers may learn more about me.

Strategic Mindset:

My goal for my Adobe Spark page is to create a unique outlet that sets me apart from the hundreds of thousands of other social media users. I wanted to share my various social media platforms in a visually pleasing way. I included professional portraits taken of myself, social graphics, links and fun typefaces. I wanted to communicate to my audience that I’m not boring. I wanted to show them my personal brand upfront before they even have the chance to click on the links to my social media platforms.


My objectives for this page include professionally marketing my personal brand for future employers as well as creatively marketing my personal brand for current and future social media followers.


I accomplished these objectives by creating a stand-out profile. I showcased my personal brand through specific social graphics, typefaces and images. I also included various links that will take users directly to my social media platforms. I labeled these links with creative social graphics. Followers and future employers will appreciate I’ve created a page where they can access all of my social media profiles in one place. I also purposely included the link to my LinkedIn profile at the top so employers can click on that first, as that’s what is most important to them.

Summary points:

I've always considered myself more of a right-brained person. I've always had a knack for creativity, a deep appreciation and love for the arts and am known for my big imagination. I'm a big believer in connecting with people and establishing authentic relationships. There is nothing I enjoy more than discovering how people tick, what makes their eyes light up and what they're passionate about. That being said, you can probably guess I am a big fan of social media. Social media allows you to freely express yourself, provides thousands of networking opportunities and opens doors to connect with people you may have never had the chance to connect with otherwise.

By taking Dr. Freberg’s course, I hope to learn and master efficient strategic social media tools. I also hope I’m able to further experiment and establish a brand for myself and personality. I also hope I am better able to reach my desired audiences by creating this page.

You can learn more information about how to utilize Adobe Spark here:


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