Why Formative Assessment Makes Better ELL Teachers Formative assessment is done as students are learning. Summative assessment is at the end (like a test). bit.ly/sccoefa-q


What Are Formative Assessments and Why Should We Use Them?
  1. Get together in home groups of six
  2. Number yourselves off from 1-6
  3. Each number (1-6) will go to a selected part of the classroom to meet up with similar number from other groups
  4. Read the following article "What Are Formative Assessments and Why Should We Use Them?" https://goo.gl/1jkl5e
  5. Each group will read the following section of the article: 1. Types of Assessment Strategies 2. Exit Cards 3. Keeping Track of the Data 4. Differentiating Instruction in Response to Formative Assessments 5. Gathering Multiple Sources of Evidence 6. Response to Intervention (RTI)
  6. Discuss the main point of your section in your similar numbered groups
  7. Return to your Home group
  8. Share the main points of your portion of the article with your Home group.
Creating a Quizizz
Conducting a Quizizz (detailed)
Teleporting questions!
Sharing via Google Classroom
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