Killing Lincoln by bill o'Reilly & Mark dugard

Abraham Lincoln, one of the most influential presidents in US history. This is a book about his life. I know it does not seem all that glamorous, but the authors make you think of things you never imagined.

We will explore his life during the Civil War, and also the lives of some other important figures in this time period like Robert E Lee or Ulysses S Grant. We learn about the original plan for kidnapping Lincoln and how the plan shifted from a kidnapping to a murder.

Lincoln was a forgiving man and just wanted the United States to be a whole again. He knew if the fighting continued there would nothing left of the United States.

Lincoln was very involved in the Civil War. He kept in touch with all of the Union Generals. Lincoln loved Grant, he was one of his men. Grant sent a message to Lincoln when he had a plan to capture the rebel army and leave them with nothing to force the rebels into surrendering.

Lincoln had many people in his life and this book shows how these people affected the war. On both sides, if these people would not have been there who knows where our country would be today.

The characters

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most influential presidents in

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