Journey Log 3 will Dukes-willyd-warrior-sec 041- flexibility-engagement

A paper relating to your favorite villain or monster. Sounds like every kids dream assignment. Unfortunately for me, I have never been very interested with the stereotypical monster or villain from movies. I was raised in the outdoors and in my free time would play sports in the neighborhood. So while most may have had a very easy decision by picking who to research about, I was stumped. I sat in the library for hours looking up monsters from movies and different concepts that I felt I could write a research paper on or at the very least write a proposal for a research paper on. I quickly realized I was going to have to be flexible with my topic and be engaged with my research if I was going to attempt to write a decent paper.

I knew I wanted to choose a villain that I didn’t think anybody else was going to write about but that only made my search harder. I felt like I was at a disadvantage because I don’t have any real understanding or knowledge of a villain so I didn’t have a basis to start with. I was going to have to be flexible in order to find a good candidate which finally came when I thought of a great movie with a villain being Rocky IV. But who I chose is beside the point, it is the process I underwent to get to the destination. I didn’t give up just because I couldn’t find somebody at first. I knew that I was looking for somebody outside of the box but the perfect villain isn’t going to pop up out of nowhere just for me to write a paper on. I had to use my ideas of what I wanted in a villain as a guideline and then work from there. You never know where you are going to end up when you drink an energy drink and hit the internet. It is very important to be open to anything when researching a topic and be flexible with what you will write about.

Once I realized that it wasn’t going to be easy to find a villain that nobody else would use and I had some knowledge about, it came down to not giving up. I had to stay engaged in my pursuit. With staying engaged came many fits of frustration and anxiety. If it was taking me this long to pick a villain and write a proposal about him/her then how long would it take me to actually research the villain and write a real paper on them. I was stressing out using google chrome to the best of my ability, searching everything about anything. As long as I kept at it I knew I would arrive on some sort of topic before the night was over. I had to keep reminding myself of this as one by one everybody I knew started disappearing from the library to watch movies and hangout while I was thinning out ideas one after another.

Staying engaged is one thing I learned early on in my first semester of college that I really needed to work on. There are so many different incredibly interesting or fun things to do outside of school when you are in college, and there is nobody to tell you not to do it or yell at you for not doing your school work first. If you stop paying attention to a class for even two meeting times you are way behind. It makes it harder to want to be engaged because you lose hope of doing well in that course. However, that is part of growing up and being able to motivate yourself as an adult on your own. It is as they say “what separates the men from the boys”. Now that I am a semester older and wiser I am glad to see that I have improved on this skill.

Using flexibility and staying engaged is the only way that I was able to choose a topic for my research paper. And i'm glad that I did use these skills to find a villain or else I would feel like I was screwed for the rest of the semester.

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