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After dedicating my life back to our Creator, Jesus Christ, I realized my life journey was leading me into the 'mission field'.

This page is to inform you of what ministry training and works I have been doing, when I have been doing it, and with who!

I started my journey with Teen Challenge of Southern California

I was in the Discipleship school from April 2003-December 2004

During this time I was given an opportunity to be apart of a short term mission trip to Denmark. I went from September 2004-November 2004. I decided to attend the Bible college in that country.

I studied 'Church Planting and Leadership' from January 2005-December 2005 - Mariager Bible College

Directly after, I was hired on as a Teenage Pastor at Mariagerfjord Frikirken. I worked for them from January 2006-August 2009. Under this employment I had the following responsibilities:

  • Christian Discipleship teaching at Alterna Christian boarding school
  • Youth Club leader for a partnership project with the local Commune and church, called 'The Azusa Club'.
  • I was also sent out to the Faroe Islands to help build a youth work with a church in the capitol city, T├│rshavn.

From August 2009, I moved to the capitol of Denmark, Copenhagen. I helped plant a small church there, called UNIC. It later closed due to misunderstandings and burnouts in the leadership. But while I was there, I had the opportunity to volunteer helping refugees and human trafficking coming into the country

In 2011, I joined a Theology school called at the time, 'XL ministry'. After completing the half year course. I joined the staff and help form the school into an international Bible school - TRANSFORMATION.

I was than hired on as a teacher and the church connected to it, hired me on as their Youth Pastor - Impact Church Roskilde. I taught the following general subjects:

  • Personal Development
  • Discipleship
  • Journey Through the Bible
  • Kingdom, Power, Glory
  • Seizing Your Destiny

I worked for both establishments from mid 2011-mid 2015

My family and I were sent out from the church to the Faroe Islands. We were asked by a church called, Filadelfia, to help build and refresh their church. We have a 3 year contract with them. Our roles are the following:

  • Assistant Pastor
  • Youth and Children's Pastors
  • Leadership group - making daily decisions

We have been with this lovely church since November 2015

Here is a short documentary about the missions work we are doing on the islands with the locals

Visit my website to find out more about my current ministry

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