The School Newsletter Week 1, Term 2 2021

What's Coming Up?

  • Mon 19 Apr: Students return to school. Transition to winter uniform begins.
  • Sun 25 Apr: ANZAC Day.
  • Tue 27 Apr: Diocesan cross country. .
  • Wed 28 Apr: P&F meeting @ 7.30pm.
  • Fri 30 April: Pupil-Free Day.
  • Mon 3 May: Pupil-free Day.
  • Mon 3 May: Catholic Schools Week begins.
  • Tue 4 May: All students in winter uniform.
  • Sun 9 May: Mothers’ Day.
  • Tue 11 May: NAPLAN Writing (Years 3 & 5).
  • Wed 12 May: NAPLAN Reading (Years 3 & 5).
  • Thu 13 May: NAPLAN Conventions of Language (Years 3 & 5). / NAPLAN Numeracy (Years 3 & 5).
  • Fri 14 May: Walk Safely To School Day. / School assembly in the hall @ 2.30pm.
  • Wed 26 May: P&F meeting @ 7.30pm.
  • Fri 28 May: School athletics carnival.
  • Fri 11 June: Semester 1 reports to be published. / School assembly in the hall @ 2.30pm.
  • Mon 14 June: Public holiday.
  • Wed 23 June: Lakes regional athletics carnival. / P&F meeting @ 7.30pm.
  • Fri 25 June: Last day of Term 2. / School assembly in the hall @ 2.30pm.

From the Principal

Welcome back to St Patrick’s for another term. I am sure that you have enjoyed the past two weeks with no alarm clocks, no uniforms to wash, no lunches to make and no homework to complete.

We finished Term 1 in a most fitting way as we recalled the passion, the death and resurrection of Jesus in a most solemn liturgy on Holy Thursday afternoon. The tone of the liturgy was set very early as four of our senior students carried the Cross into the church and carefully laid it at the foot of the altar. Throughout the liturgy, as we recalled the events of Holy Week, various symbols were carried to the altar and used to create our sacred space: the Book of Gospels, a palm branch, a jug of water, a towel, bread, rosary beads, a crown of thorns and a hammer. Finally, all of these symbols were covered by a white sheet to symbolise the burial of Jesus in the tomb.

Led by Daniel Lockwood, our senior students, and various students from throughout the school, it was a liturgy that impelled all of us to recall the tremendous sacrifice made by Jesus for the sake of all people. Throughout the liturgy, which lasted for one hour, every student was engaged in the story of Holy Week. Throughout the liturgy, there was a stillness and a reverence that we witness at every one of our Holy Week liturgies every year, and as the students left the church in silence, there was a profound sense among all of us that, as Christian people, we are part of a significant event which happened 2000 years and which changed history. Sincere thanks to Daniel and the students for allowing us this space and time to reflect on the Holy Week story.

On Good Friday, Max Power, the father of our pastoral care worker, Lisa Ridgewell, passed away following a battle with cancer. While I never met Max, I realised when I approached the church at Adamstown that Max must have been held in high esteem by all who knew him, as there was very little parking available in the area. The church was full. Max’s family spoke lovingly of Max, whose three great passions were his family, his golf and his tennis. We extend our sympathies to Lisa as she mourns the loss of her dad. Eternal rest, grant to him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

Have a good week.

Peter Green.


Collect an enrolment pack from the School Office or download one from the school website! First round offers are made in early June, so don't delay, enrol today! - Tell your friends -


As you are aware, Rachel Wright has accepted a position as an education officer at the Catholic Schools Office. We interviewed for Rachel’s position on the last day of Term 1, and I am pleased to inform you that Mrs Kerry Cumming has been appointed as our new learning support teacher.

Kerry is currently the learning support teacher at St Francis Xavier Belmont and at St Patrick’s Cessnock. She will continue in her role at Belmont and has resigned from her position at Cessnock to take up the position at our school. Kerry will work at St Patrick’s on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Kerry has a broad range of experiences in education, including roles at Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College, Galstaun Armenian College and Knox Grammar. Kerry has also served as an education officer at the Catholic Schools Office, and she has worked in the corporate sector where she trained teams in presentation skills and team development, mentored managers, and advised on best practice in corporate communication. Kerry has a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education and a Master of Special Education.

Rachel Wright’s position at the Catholic Schools Office is temporary until the end of 2021. She will have the option of either returning to St Patrick’s or continuing in her role as an education officer. At this stage, therefore, Kerry’s position at St Patrick’s is temporary, pending what happens with Rachel’s position at the end of the year.

We congratulate Kerry on her appointment to this position and we look forward to working with her in her role as our learning support teacher.



The next meeting of the P&F will take place on Wednesday next week (28th April). Please note that the P&F meetings will now begin at 7.30pm - one hour later than we used to begin the meetings. The meeting will take place via Zoom, and it has been scheduled to run for 1½ hours. Meeting via Zoom will enable you to contribute your ideas without leaving home.

If you plan to attend next week’s meeting:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded Zoom to your device.
  2. Use this link or copy it into your search bar: https://mncatholic.zoom.us/j/92709104067
  3. Click on ‘Open Zoom meetings’.
  4. Click on ‘Join with computer audio’.
  5. Click on ‘Start video’.
  6. If you are prompted to type a password, the password is 379230.

Please consider joining us next week to support the work of our Parents and Friends Association.


In 2014 we created an outdoor sacred space on the edge of Black Neds Bay as a means of bringing to life the history of our school, which was opened in 1952 by the Sisters of St Joseph. The paved area of our sacred space shows the names of many people who have had an association with our school, either as a student, as a parent, as a teacher or as a parishioner. Some of the people whose names appear on the pavers had a long association with the school. Others were with us for only a brief time. The paved area represents a tapestry of our school’s history. If you would like to order a paver showing your family’s name or your child’s name, please complete and return the order form which can be found by clicking the link below, or collected from the school office. The orders will close on Friday 14th May.

Thank you for your support.


Transition to winter uniform: With the weather likely to become somewhat cooler over the next few weeks, there will be a two-week transition to the wearing of the winter school uniform. During the first two weeks of Term 2, the students may wear either the summer uniform or the winter uniform, depending on the weather. All students are required to be wearing the winter uniform by Monday 3rd May. Please note that the students are not permitted to “mix and match” the uniform, e.g. long pants go with long sleeves and a tie; shorts go with short sleeves.

Girls’ tunic: At present there is a shortage of sizes 4 and 6 in the girls’ winter tunic, but the new supplies soon after 3rd May. If you cannot purchase a tunic in these sizes, your daughter may continue to wear the summer uniform until the new winter stock arrives. If anybody has a size 4 or 6 girls’ winter tunic that you no longer need – and you would like to donate it to the uniform service – I am sure that it could come in handy. Thanks!

Exceptionally cold days: The only additional item of clothing permitted to be worn on exceptionally cold days is a warm jacket. For most cold days, however, students should be layered with the school fleecy navy v-neck jacket or the school tracksuit jacket.

Sport uniform: Please note that, beginning in Term 2 - for the rest of the year - the sport uniform will be worn on the following days:

  • Tuesdays for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 – NOT THURSDAYS AS PREVIOUSLY ADVISED.
  • Fridays for Years 3 to 6.

If you need to contact the uniform service please email them via stpatricksuniform@gmail.com or, to speak with the volunteers directly, visit the supply room on a Friday morning between 8.30-9.30am.


Unfortunately, COVID restrictions have forced Swansea RSL Club to cancel this year’s ANZAC Day services and march. I invite every one of our school families to commemorate this most solemn of anniversaries in a fitting manner. Some suggestions might include:

1. Bake ANZAC biscuits with your children: This is a time-honoured tradition to mark our country’s National Day of Remembrance. The famed biscuits were sent by wives and other women to sustain the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during World War One. The combination of golden syrup and oats, and the absence of eggs, meant the goods travelled long distances without spoiling.

a. Ingredients

  • ¾ cup plain flour
  • ¾ cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 100g butter (or 1/3 cup canola oil)
  • 2 tablespoons golden syrup
  • ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tablespoon boiling water

b. Method

  • Step 1: Preheat oven to 150 – 160°C.
  • Step 2: Add flour, coconut, oats and sugar in a large bowl and stir to combine.
  • Step 3: Melt butter (or oil) and golden syrup together in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
  • Step 4: Mix bicarbonate of soda and boiling water and then add to the melted butter and syrup.
  • Step 5: Gently mix wet ingredients with the dry. Place tablespoonfuls of mixture on a lined baking tray.
  • Step 6: Bake in oven for 15 – 20 mins, or until golden brown.

2. Donate to the Anzac Appeal online: Your donations can support Australian veterans and their families in need. Your gift can help provide veterans with crisis accommodation, emergency financial help, or physical and mental health support. With your help, the Anzac tradition of looking after each other will live on. Donate here.

3. Light Up The Dawn: Families wishing to commemorate the occasion at home are encouraged to participate in the ANZAC Day driveway commemoration, Light Up The Dawn. Participants are asked to stand at the end of their driveways or on their balconies facing east from 6am for one minute of silence to remember the sacrifice of the ANZACs.

4. Reach out to a mate or veteran who might be alone: ANZAC Day presents an opportunity to invoke the ANZAC value of mateship by checking to see how a mate is doing. And if you know a veteran, call or reach out to them, check in on them, thank them for their service and help them if needed during this time.


On Tuesday next week, 23 students will run in the Diocesan cross country event:

  • 8/9 years: Skye P, Mia P, Evie B, Sebastian K, Drew T, Oscar C.
  • 10 years: Sienna R, Lukah T, Sunshine W, Koby M, Aiden B, Jack A.
  • 11 years: Madison T, Lara W, Hayden W, Banjo H.
  • 12 years: Tamika F, Emily J, Alicia S, Nate T, Ben M, Evan W.

Congratulations to each of these students on their selection, We wish them all the very best next Tuesday.


On Friday this week, Ben (Year 6) will trial for the Polding hockey team in Bathurst. We wish Ben all the very best this Friday.

Stage 1 Tocal Homestead Excursion

Last term, stage one participated in a hands-on excursion at Tocal Homestead to discover how people worked and lived in the past as part of our term 1 History unit. Dressed in their 1900’s finery, the students were beyond excited, not only to be visiting the Homestead, but also for the bus trip! Throughout the day, year one and year two engaged in exploring old kitchen buildings, being butlers in the dining room, playing games from the past, water carrying and washing on washboards, and even providing the ‘horse-power’ for a chaff cutting machine. By the end of the day the students were suitably happy but exhausted. They all agreed, that while they enjoyed visiting the homestead, one day of early 1900’s living was enough, life is much easier today!

We’d like to express our gratitude to the parents that attended, and to all the stage one parents for providing such fantastic costumes, you all helped make the day a resounding success!

Mrs Browne, Mrs Devlin, Mrs Ogden and Mrs Stewart

Camping St Pat's style

While a few of our families were away for our St Patrick’s Day celebrations late in Term 1, they made sure not to miss out on the fun!


In line with our Pastoral Care and Discipline Policy, each teacher is allocated a budget at the beginning of each term for rewarding appropriate behavioural choices. Each teacher has negotiated the goals and the rewards with their students. In order to be rewarded, each student must meet the goals set by their teacher. It may be necessary to exclude a student from a special treat or reward if they fail to meet the goals that the teacher sets.

The Term 2 incentives that apply to each class are as follows:


Kindergarten will have a tiered reward system:

  • Individual rewards for appropriate behaviour will be Gotchas. Ten Gotchas = a prize box dip.
  • Group rewards: Group points and a weekly prize from the prize box.
  • Class rewards: We have a class jar that students into which the students place pompoms as they display appropriate behaviour. If the class can fill the pompom jar, the students will be treated to a class party and an out-of-uniform day. However, any student who is issued with two Major Behaviour Notifications during the term will be excluded from the party and the out-of-uniform day.

Year 1

The students will move their name peg up or down the Superhero Scale during the day, according to how closely they are following the class rules. If they reach the lowest level (‘Consequence’) they will be issued with a Minor. If they reach the highest level (‘Superhero’) they will receive 2 Gotchas at the end of the day.

If a student receives two Majors during the term, they will be excluded from the class reward, which will be an out-of-uniform day and 60 minutes of free play including computer time.

Our class reward system is tiered.

  • 10 individual Gotchas = a dip in the prize box.
  • End of the week prize draw: Two winners get 15 minutes of free time on the following Monday.
  • Any student who earns 100 Gotchas earns 30 minutes of free play.
  • Class Reward for 400 Gotchas earns an out-of-uniform day and 60 minutes of free play including computer time.

Year 2

The Year 2 students have collaborated on a set of class agreements based on being a learner, being safe, being respectful and being responsible. Our reward system for adhering to our class agreements and displaying exemplary behaviour and attitude is as follows:

Each student has the opportunity to earn dollar coins (printed) for exemplary behaviour and attitude, encompassing our class agreements. At the end of each week, the students will fill in their ‘wallet’ sheet, adding up how much money they have earned and how much more money they need to ‘buy’ their reward.

The individual rewards are:

  • $5: Prize box ‘raffle’ ticket. Even though dollars are cumulative, any student who earns $5 or more in any given week will be entered into that week’s prize draw.
  • $10: Sit at the teacher’s desk or iPad time.
  • $20: Prize box.
  • $50: Early mark and a certificate.

Each class also has a class wallet for which dollars are earned, based on whole class behaviour. The class wallet is added up each week.

Class rewards are:

  • $25: Free play.
  • $50: Bring a soft toy to school day.
  • $75: BYOD day.
  • $100: End-of-term scooter and bike fun day and BBQ.

Year 3

The students can earn class dollars when following the class rules and showing random acts of kindness / productivity / organisation / achievement. They will be working towards a free games and activities session (between lunch and recess) during the last week of the term.

Class Rules:

  1. Listen when others when they are talking.
  2. Be kind to others (follow the “10 ways to a kind classroom” poster in the classroom).
  3. Be ready to learn.
  4. Respect the noise level (0 = no noise; 1 = whispering to person next to you; 2 = talking at your table; 4 = loud noise).
  5. Be safe, be respectful, and be responsible in the classroom, with a particular focus on looking after the classroom furniture, and moving around slowly and safely).
  6. Focus on your own work.


  • $5: Song on the class playlist.
  • $10: Ten minutes of free time.
  • $15: Job switch.
  • $20: Sit at Mr Fox’s desk for a session.
  • $25: 20 minutes on Chromebook / Free Time.
  • $30: Be the teacher for a session.
  • $35: Prize box.
  • $40: Award home.


  • Lose class dollars.
  • Class clean-up duty.
  • Time off the field.
  • Recess with Mr Fox.
  • Temporary exclusion from the classroom.
  • No class party.

Year 4

The Year 4 students will work towards a BYOD tech day on which they will come to school out-of-uniform and will have a lunch of hot chips. To earn this reward, the students will have a class jar to which a pompom will be added whenever they, as a class, succeed to meet behavioural goals.

Any student who receives two Major Behaviour Notifications during the term will be excluded from the reward.

Our class reward system is tiered:

  • Individual rewards: Gotchas.
  • Group rewards: Group points and a weekly prize.
  • Class rewards: Pompom jar / BYOD tech day.

Year 5

At the beginning of each day, 10 pompoms will be put into a separate jar. Throughout the day, as the students demonstrate compliance with classroom rules, they may be invited to deposit the pompoms into the class party jar.

In addition, the words “Class Party” will be written on the wall. Each letter represents one pompom as a class point system. If the students are not following the classroom rules and school rules, one letter will be taken off. At the end of the week, the number of letters remaining on the wall will be the number of pompoms placed into the jar as bonus pompoms.

After a discussion with the students, they would also like to introduce “Student of the Week”, whereby they will nominate one student each that they believe has been following our class rules and the school rules. The student who is chosen will be able to choose between pompoms or a Friday class game of their choosing.

Any student who is issued with a Major Behaviour Notification during the term will be excluded from attending the class party at the end of the term. The party will consist of a pizza and games/movie day during the last week of the term.

Year 6

The Year 6 students will have the opportunity to earn an out-of-uniform day with a movie afternoon and snacks. To earn this reward, the students will be required to earn 50 class points. To earn these class points:

  • Each student has a reward chart on which they earn marks/stamps for positive behaviour that reflects our school and classroom rules.
  • For every 5 marks the student receives a Gotcha. For every 10 marks they receive a class point.
  • For each student to be eligible to receive the class reward they must contribute at least 2 points to the class total.
  • If students are unable to earn their minimum 2 points or if they receive a Major Behaviour Notification throughout the term, they will not participate in the out-of-uniform day.
  • The students can also earn personal rewards through the use of the Gotcha reward system. They may exchange Gotcha tickets to earn different negotiated rewards in the classroom.

As Year 6 are the leaders of the school, it is expected that they should display exemplary behaviour at all times, being role models for the younger students of the school.


We are currently offering an after-school multi-sport program. The details of the program are as follows:

  • Days: Wednesdays
  • Time: 3.15pm to 4.15pm
  • Ages: 5 to 12-year-olds
  • Venue: St Patrick’s Swansea
  • Cost: $15 per week or $120 for 8 weeks. ($100 discount if you use your Active Kids voucher).
  • Bookings: carolyn@geckosports.com.au or phone 0420 920 866

For more info, go to geckosports.com.au.

Summaries of Term 2 Content

Copies of the term content for each grade have been added to the Compass news feed area for you to download.



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