Agents of Socialization colton Wood

Early Childhood

(Me on the left) From an early age, family impacts one's life. Here is me with my brother (middle) and cousin (right).
Here I am on a field trip with my preschool. Preschool taught me fundamentals for education and how to interact with my peers.

EleMentary School

This form of mass media was the first show I followed religiously. I would always talk to my friends about it at school.
For elementary school, I attended Timber Drive Elementary. Here, I made many friends that I am still friends with today, and I believe it prepared well for what I would face in middle school.

Middle school

In middle school, I attended Wake Christian Academy. This was a major transition for me going from public to private school. The teaching styles were very different as everything was taught from a religious perspective. I strongly believe WCA impacted the way I view things today.
During this time my family was very close but also my parents were very strict. They taught me good morals and principles, but I also felt sheltered.

High school

Since getting into high school, I've really gotten into politics and following the news. I enjoy discussing current events and hot topics, and I feel like because I watch the news I've become a well informed citizen.
I'm extremely close with all my friends and I feel like they help me make good decisions and find myself in high school.
The time that I've spent at Garner has opened me up to all types of people and experiences. I feel like Garner has allowed me to understand different viewpoints and learn to deal with a people professionally.
Family: Last year my brother went off to college at NC State. This was a big change not having him at home anymore. It has helped me to find my social self because I don't feel like I live in his shadow anymore.


I am not sure exactly sure what I plan to do with my life. However, I have given journalism some thought. I could see myself enjoying a job where I write thought provoking and intriguing articles.
As I go off to college, I know that my friends will change and I'll make new friends. I also think that as I get older my friends will have a smaller impact on the decisions I make. In the future, I hope to be making decisions based more on family, career, and personal things.
For college, I would like to go to UNC at Chapel Hill. This is a huge, diverse school that contains people and mindsets from all over the country and globe. Wherever I go for college, I hope that I learn to live independently and how to fend for myself in this world.
No matter what my future holds, I am stuck with my family for the rest of my life. Eventually, I will probably start a family of my own and that will impact my social life/self. Example, I may have to stay at home with the kids instead of going out with my friends. I'll also have to cut back on social events that cost money in order to adequately provide for my family.
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