Reputaiton in Salem By Keegan Brady

Theme Of The Crucible

One major theme of the Crucible is reputation. Reputation is extremely important in Salem. It is necessary for one's reputation to be clear if they want to be seen as a good person and be seen as able to follow their religious beliefs, ( No one wants their reputation to be broken down after they have built it up all their lives especially when it comes to the Salem witch trials which threatens to do so. Throughout the play, there are many scenes where the characters act out to save their own reputations while ruining another's. That just goes to show how important reputation is to the people of Salem.

In the Crucible, John Proctor goes to his death falsely condemned as a witch but manages to keep his reputation and respect from the people who matter in Salem (Act 4), ( He refused to sign the confession and crumpled up the paper because he was worried about his own reputation. Although he knew he was going to be hanged for being believed to be a witch he still wanted to keep his good name with him when he went. Therefore, he didn't want his name posted for the town to see that he was a witch. Basically, he would rather die than to lose his good reputation.

John Proctor Condemned as a Witch

Although he was hanged due to witchcraft he was able to keep his reputation and respect among the people because he refuses to falsely identify his friends and others as witches. This is very important to recognize, it identifies how important reputation was in Salem. In that time it meant everything to have a good reputation if you wanted respect. At the end of act 4, Proctor rips up his confession to pieces. Proctor has chosen to protect his reputation and integrity. “Proctor (with a cry of his whole soul ). Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!”(Act 4, Miller). This example from the play the Crucible, shows how much reputation meant to Proctor. The trials weren't only affecting him either. Everybody in Salem was on edge about saving their reputations. Other people. for example Abigail Williams and the other afflicted girls, had claimed to see others with the devil to keep their reputations clean as well.

Reputation Reflects to Current Event

Reputation can easily be related to a current event today. So many things take place in the world and reputation can make or break you. Especially in politics today it will be impossible if you are not someone who is respected and has a good reputation. In the election of the presidency this year a lot came down based on the candidate's reputation. Many people decided who they favored more based on the candidate's past and present choices and how they acted and held themselves together and presented their information. Not only that but based on one candidate's reputation the other would use it to their own advantage to make themselves look more fit for the position. So in that case reputation is important in politics today and it can be a pretty stressful and demanding thing to keep it clear if you want success. Reputation in politics can apply to many different areas as well like companies and other things.

Take Action

While the trials and even politics today can be heavily influenced and affected by reputation a person shouldn't take it into their own hands to protect themselves by ruining another's innocent reputation. It was seen often in the Crucible, how the characters would falsely accuse innocent people to clear their name so they didn't lose respect from anyone in the village. It should be recognized that it is wrong even if you were falsely attacked by something that would hurt your reputation.

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