Importance of Social Media Feature story on steven Molina By Jack Watson

Steven Molina works on social media for the University of Louisville (UofL) Athletic Department. He started with the program in 2014 when he found an opportunity through social media. Nick Stover, the "Flying Cardinal," hired Molina on after he reached out to him via Twitter.

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Molina knows how important social media is to UofL athletics. It is not enough that the University has great sports teams and recently won a national title in basketball, they have to show it as well. Social media allows that to happen.

Molina has control of all of the social media accounts the athletic department operates, along with four other people. He is only in the office a few hours a day but he uses the social media accounts when he is away to monitor activity. Each day he assigns jobs to the interns that work in the department to do. The jobs that need to be done depend on what is going on that day, but the goals for the social media department are always to connect with potential fans and people who are interested.

When interns first start working with the social media accounts, Molina gives them free reigns to "play around." It is important for the interns to get a feel for the accounts so they can learn how to properly use them. He knows though that giving the interns free reigns can lead to mistakes and inappropriate posts.

"Knock on wood, no major mistakes have happened since I started working here, such as somebody posting their personal opinion when they shouldn't," said Molina.

"You have to check social media frequently to keep up with the trends and make sure we aren't missing anything," said Molina. Preparing for the job is very important, constantly checking emails and social media sites to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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Social media has been used for UofL in a lot of different ways. While it has been helpful in spreading the Cardinal's fan base, it has also been helpful when the program is struggling. When the UofL basketball team self-imposed a postseason ban last season, social media was there to help inform the fans of what was going on. Molina said he was very proud of the way they handled the situation with Katina Powell, who wrote a book about UofL basketball players having sex with escorts on recruiting visits. When the whole situation was unraveling, the athletic department and the social media team continued to look forward and figure out where it needed to go from there.

Social media can be detrimental but also powerful. Anybody with access to the social media accounts can post content that will reach a large amount of people. It is important to make sure those posts are something fans can connect with and not something to push them away. Molina said, "It is very important to be careful when tweeting and posting anything because it lasts forever. Anybody can screenshot anything they see."

Steven Molina can be reached via email at or by phone at (818) 800-8198


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