My Birthday Saint: "Saint Gerárd of Brogne" By: Neil Principe

Saint Gerárd of Brogne was born in 895 AD and died on October 3, 959. His feast day in the a church is celebrated on October 3rd.
Saint Gerárd of Brogne's patronage was that he left his family and their wealthiest to become a man of God. He spent years reforming and reconstructing monasteries across France and other parts of Europe.
Saint Gerárd was a member of a military family. What is fascinating is that he decided that instead of following in everyone in his family's footsteps, he was going to be a man of God instead. He spent 40 years doing the work of a Saint and then he returned to where he started in the beginning isn't to live out his days until he died on October 3, 959.
Saint Gerárd, pray for me that I will be shown mercy during the next decade of difficult education coming my way. Pray that I am able to overcome the stress and be able to turn into a great human being. In Saint Gerard's name I pray. Amen.


I have neither given nor received unauthorized help in this work.

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