Made music invention report GUITARL -Lena Hsia and Michaela Ryan

We wanted to make a guitar that would play music when you plucked the strings. We spent a lot of time at the start talking about how we were going to design our ukulele/guitar. We decided to use the laser cutter and glue all the pieces together to make a 3D instrument.

Sketch of Guitarl

At first we wanted to make the ukulele shaped like an actual guitar. We really wanted to try making this ukulele/mini guitar out of wood. So we planned on using the laser cutter and the app illustrator to help us with the design.

Our first prototype

Our first prototype was made out of cardboard. We used this prototype to figure out what size we wanted to make our ukulele/guitar. It also helped with the design of the instrument too.

After, we made the ukulele string out of rubbber bands, but they broke right away. So we considered trying floss but we just ended up using sometype of fishing string.

The piece we cut with the laser cutter.

The first time we cut out the pieces, they didn't fit perfectly. So we decided to try again and cut out the pieces. But when we cut out the pieces the second time, it printed out way to big. Even though it was way to long, we decided to go with it and glue the pieces together. Later on, we decided that we didn't want to re cut more peices, so we went back and used the piece we originally cut out.

Original guitar

The handle and of the guitar wasn't attacked to the main part of the guitar, so we tried to glue it back together. But it didn't stay so wer tried using tape. We were also missing the two top and bottom pieces so we had to use popsicle sticks. After, we untapped the handle and tried using woods glue, except that the wood glue also didn't stick. In the end, we ended up taking off the handle. We also took off the popsicle stick because they weren't the right size. Once we took the handle, we used the fish string to make four different strings on the ukulele.

The boxed ukulele with the strings

The ukulele now looks like it has eight strings, but it actually only has 4. We had to wrap the strings all the way around the ukulele so it would stay in place.

That is a video of me playing the ukulele with a sound implifier.

Overall, I don't think we failed, but I definitely think that we didn't get to make the type of ukulele we wanted to make. We had to make several changes and redo it several times.

One thing that I've learned from this project is that I should always double check my work. For example, when I'm measuring and transferring the measurements from one place to another, I should go over the measurements to make sure I'm right. Because that way, you wouldn't have to restart so many times. If I did this, it would have saved me a lot of time.

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