The cylinder Opens hamza, Kiwoong

1. crowded people.

groups of people were hurrying from the direction of Woking to see what is going on. there were raised voices, and some sort of struggle appeared to be going on around the pit

2. pit where cylinders landed

I saw a young man he was shop assistant, standing on the cylinder and trying to climb out of the pit again. and people had pushed him in.

3. The creature came out from the cylinders

the end of the cylinder was being screwed out from within. I soon saw something grey moving within the shadow, then two shining circles - like eyes. then something like a little grey snake, about the thickness of a walking - stick, came out of the middle and moved through the air toward me - and then another.

4. Opinion

It looks like they are about to attack but I have no idea why they want to attack them. First time people were interested in the cylinder, as soon as the cylinder opened, people got shock and tried to run away. if i where there i would have ran away too. I Think they have to prepare for the b

Created By
hamza kiwoong


Created with images by Steve Snodgrass - "Tank" • Artur (RUS) Potosi - "***" • Kris*M - "Meteor crate" • Podknox - "War of the Worlds #vinyl #records #instagram #iphoneography #music"

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