Pulaski, Wisconsin By Gabby Jonas

Government Issues

My Selected Issue

The Pulaski brown county library is estimating $750,000 for all their build out and accessible entrances. They need more money to do this. Allyson Watson suggested forming a local support to fundraise for it. They said the need to make a business case for other economic impact in the community.

I agree with Allyson Watson to fundraise the difference because it's a good cause and needs to be done sooner than later.

Local Goverment meeting place

585 E Glenbrooke Dr. Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162

My solution for the library renovation issue is as follows. If we need approximately $750,000 to build out the library and we don't have enough money than fundraise. Give all the money we can from our government then when we run out have a fundraiser. We should ether have a banquet or something at the actual library. People use the library a lot it's the second priority in our library system. They would notice the signs at the library or around town and want to help because they like books and want to keep their local library up to date.

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