Volo Son of khione

Name: Volo

Father: Tom Hanks Mother: Khione goddess of ice and snow

Eye color: Blue like ice

Hair: white

Special gift: Volo can control ice and snow from his hands! Also he can make an ice shield out of water.

Khione was bored one day ,so she went down to earth for some fun. On Earth, she met Tom hanks and had a kid with him. But on accident she froze Tom and he died. The baby they made was a handsome young boy. His name was Volo son of Khione. Volo was a smart and affable teenager that loved hockey. He was loved by his mom and everyone on earth. Volo was so loved ,all the gods loved him.

School Myth:

One day Volo was walking in school and he went to class. In his first class he was assigned 2 projects. Then he walked to his second hour history class, but he was not happy. For History he had to do 2 projects due the next day. Volo was sad because he had basketball practice and his sister was being really mean to him at home. But Volo made all his projects anyways. This is the story how stress was made and how it came to be

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Parker Lyday

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